Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday (Eversmann family edition)

1. Damien's parents still live in the same house where Damien grew up... it has history and charm and I think that's so cool.  When it's quiet (like it is now) I try and picture his Grandparents using the house as we are... it sounds silly, but I love stuff like this.

2. Damien and I laugh that I have more in common with my brother in law than I do with Damien... which is good- at least it shows I get along with my brother in law.  But this also amuses me because I see the same in Deacon & Zac... Deacon is Damien and Zac is Derek-  my mother in law sees this resemblance (in personality) as well.  We've been laughing for days at the similarities.

3. Cincinnati is known for "Cincinnati chili"- Damien's entire family loves this stuff that you get at Skyline Chili and the stuff makes me want to throw up.  Everytime we visit I try this stuff again with the intention of liking it... but I just can't.  Who wants chocolate and cinnamon in your CHILI!?!?  Come on people!!!

4. When Damien and I moved to California my in-laws adopted our pug, Banana... they treat this dog as their own daughter- sometimes I get jealous that Banana is the favorite daughter of the family and not me.  But hey, at least we know our pug-bug is being treated well... this dog is so loved.

5. Genetics is so interesting to me.  Damien looks more like his Uncle Dave than his own parents... and Damien could not be any whiter-- but a little unknown fact (unknown to most, at least) is that Damien's Grandpa was so dark that many thought he was actually black.  Damien's mom also has beautiful dark skin... and then you've got Damien, LOL.  We always laugh that someday we're going to have a kid that comes out as dark as the Coniglio side of the family... so we'll have a blonde haired boy, a red head and a dark tan little boy- none of whom look like they belong to us.

6. Tonight my mother in law gave me her dads "pinky ring"-- the intention is for me to give it to Deacon when it fits him (this stems from him wanting a "boy ring"), but I get to wear it until that day.  I nearly cried when she gave it to me and I cannot stop looking at it.  It really means a lot to me... and there is a big part of me that never wants Deacon to have it for fear he'll lose it or not appreciate it nearly as much as he should.

7. Anne and Thom (mother in law/father in law) don't believe us anymore when we say Zac is grumpy and stranger phobic.  The child has been nothing but social, funny and willing to go right to them... this is just more proof that Zac is my mini-me... loves to prove someone wrong.  But seriously- this kid has really really taken to them- snuggles up to them when he's tired, goes to them for anything, and will willingly leave my arms to go into theirs.

8. My mother in law is an amazing artist... almost all the artwork in their house is something she has done.  She is her biggest critic- and oftentimes things she doesn't like are my absolute favorites.

9. When I first met Damien's parents and brother it was around an election... and was also around the time when I considered myself a Republican.  My in laws are pretty political and speak openly about their beliefs... and I really wasn't like that when we met.  I think the entire family wanted Damien to break up with me after learning I voted for GWB... and was proud of it (at the time).  My how times have changed...

10. Growing up, Damien and his brother always got elaborate homemade cakes... not just homemade- but elaborately decorated.  So I feel like I have big shoes to fill when I make the kids' cake... Damien's parents have this big album dedicated to the cakes they made their boys over the years... my cakes look pretty pathetic next to theirs, LOL... but I'll keep trying.  Maybe by the time Zac is 18 I'll have it all figured out.


Unknown said...

My mom stills lives in the house that my dad was born in and that I grew up in. They even have the saw that was used to cut the lumber for building.

hiyaluv said...

Aw such a sweet 10 on Tues. edition. I want to come visit the Eversmann's and everyone MUST have chocolate in their chili!

Grumpy said...

Cincinnati chili has been a favorite in the Queen City for generations. When I stop at Skyline Chili, I am always amazed at the number of grandparents enjoying their 3-ways, 4-ways, 5-ways, and cheese coneys with their grandchildren. No one who knows and loves "this stuff" ever comments about chocolate and cinnamon because you don't taste it. You only taste the fantastic spices that Cincinnatians have known and loved for years. Don't make me grumpy.