Saturday, July 31, 2010

I've missed this...

It's good to be back...

The kids all enjoying the Koi pond... 

Best of friends... swimming at Theresa's house

We spent the afternoon over at Theresa's house swimming and playing... the kids had a great time- and so did the parents, of course.  We all ate too much, had fantastic drinks (thanks Dawn) and enjoyed the beautiful (not humid at all) California weather.  

And we're back...

Despite Deacon randomly bursting into tears because he "misses Ohio", I'd say the boys are pretty happy to be back home...

We've been enjoying a low-key few days, but to be quite honest I think we're all ready for Monday to get here so we can all get back into our regular routines.

These snuggles and cute moments are few and far between for these two...

His favorite part of getting dressed after bathtime is sitting on his changing table and looking at the birds... I love all the hand and nose prints you see on the window.  

And then last night we found a new song on our keyboard that the boys *LOVE*... it's some marching band playing "Glory Glory Alleluia" (or whatever it's called).  So the boys spent about 25 minutes listening to it on repeat while they danced around the loft.  Good times.  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Safari Video

Notice my scream?  The kids were pretty used to it by the end of our excursion.

Safari Land video

Zac feeds the Giraffe..

Random Ohio videos part 1...

There are more to come.... but here are a couple to hold you over :)

Milo vs. The Chicken (it's long... but funny)

Zac learns some new words (ignore my mom in the background screaming, "Get him to say Grandma!!!")

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ohio day #18 - Last day in Sandusky... & 10 on Tuesday

1. Today was our last day in Northern Ohio... and as I was standing outside tonight packing the car I realized how much I love the smell of where my parents live.  I stood outside with my eyes closed smelling and listening... and realizing how much I'm going to miss this over the next year.

2. The kids got to ride on the tractor with Grandpa this morning... both boys loved it, but Deacon loved it most.  When the ride was over he jumped off and screamed, "THAT.WAS.AWESOME.!!!"  lol

3. Zac is absolutely OBSESSED with turning on and off lights... there are times when that is all you can do to keep him from going insane.  This afternoon this is how I found Damien & Zac hanging out for well over 10 minutes:

4. We went to all the restaurants we wanted to hit up while we were in Ohio... today completed that goal when we went to eat at Netty's.  We have eaten SO much over the past few weeks... not just regular food, but CRAP.  I cannot tell you the last time I ate so many donuts... And guess what?  I don't care!!!  We had a great time and I refused to let myself worry about it.  No, I didn't go crazy overboard, but I wasn't going to say no to all my favorites... I just know that starting on Thursday our food consumption will be changing dramatically ;-)

5. Deacon is really sad about not going back to Ms. Tanier's and Papa's when we get back to California... a few weeks ago when we talked with him about all this he didn't really grasp what was going on... I think, mainly, because he was just so excited about Ohio.  But he really wants to go back to school and tell all his friends about his vacation.  

6. Deacon, Damien and Zac played on the slip-n-slide today... I love that Damien gets so involved with the kids and doesn't just sit back and watch.

7. Milo HATES suitcases.  Hates them with a passion.  Poor dog has been so upset all day long.  He finally came into the bedroom with me and sat on the bed shaking.  I felt horrible.  I think he was just worried that we were taking him back ;-)  As wonderful Milo is, he is just not a dog that likes kids too much... 

8. The boys have eaten a lot of ice cream this week... and when you're with my parents you don't just "go get ice cream."  You go get ice cream and go on a ride.  Tonight we went downtown, looked at the salt pile (Genie, we thought of you!!!), and walked around the park by the water.  It was a gorgeous night.

9. My parents have been hounding Zac on getting him to say "Grandma and Grandpa."  Well, he finally says their names... but not exactly how we pictured it.  My mom is "Gee-Go" and my dad is "Yam-paw"  HAHAHAHA  I so need to get this on video.  It's hilarious.

10. I feel so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing family... they're pretty amazing.  And what makes them even better is how supportive they are of me... I know they hate how far away we live, but I know they are proud of me and support my decisions.

I <3 this picture... it's of Damien holding Zac while they were skipping stones

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ohio days #15-17 ... lotsa stuff

We've had quite a busy few days...

On Saturday my sister and her family left Ohio to go up to Michigan to visit Matt's side of the family... the cousins had such a great time together and were all very sad their time together was ending for this trip.  When they left, Deacon cried.  It was so heartbreaking.  And again, I was left wishing that California, Ohio & Texas all resided next door to each other.

On Saturday night Alison, Dan, Damien & I went up to Cleveland to see Brian and Pierre's show, Lil Abner... and it's so amazing to me that we can all just pick up where we left off.  And it didn't feel as though I hadn't seen these people in over a year... it felt like just yesterday.  And I didn't want it to end.

On Sunday my parents hosted a little get together... so many of my friends came and instead of taking pictures like I wanted to, my camera was left sitting on the table while I soaked up the little time I had to just "be" with my friends...

Today... Monday... we had a really relaxing day.  I met up with Alison for a pedicure and a manicure... it's our last day to hang out before she leaves on her honeymoon and we go back to California... SO happy we got to see so much of each other... she's like me- but sings better, is obsessed with Jewish men and has gross feet.  And then this evening we met up with Dan to eat at Cameo (a local pizza favorite).  The boys LOVE and adore Dan... which isn't surprising to me at all.  Outside the Cameo there is a park - and this is a park that both Dan and I played at growing up... and they still have a lot of the same playground equipment... and I just find it so surreal watching my babies play on these little horses that I used to adore.  After dinner we went home, put the kids to bed and left Grandpa in charge while Damien, my mom and I met up with Dan and his mom to see a movie.  Grandpa did a great job and the rest of us enjoyed some kid-free time as well.

The past few days have been beyond amazing... I have not laughed so hard in a long time.  And yes, these days have been filled with many re-telling of old jokes ("you had your chance!!!"), laughing at stuff that probably isn't funny to anyone but us (you like rice?  you like pudding?  what's the difference?)... you know, the usual.  But I love it more than I love most things in life.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ohio day #14 - African Safari in Ohio

Today was SO SO SO fun... despite the horrible heat and humidity we got in the cars and drove out to the African Safari.  We road around the place in our cars and we were able to feed the animals from our car.  My mom and I drove in the car with Sarah, Emma & Deacon and the other car held Zac, Damien, Uncle Matt, Aunt Beth & dad.  We all had so much fun and were laughing so hard the entire time... despite me screaming everytime a buffalo tried to get in my car.

Unfortunately I was stupid and took the wrong lens for my camera... so my pictures turned out horribly- but Damien got some cute ones with his iphone from the other car.  I got some really funny videos- though the quality isn't great because I'm either screaming or laughing.  I'll post the videos later, but for now, enjoy the pictures.

Zac kept saying "doggy!!!" everytime an animal would come near the car... this is him pointing at the giraffe.  

And this beauty?  This, my friends, is my brother-in-law.  A self-portrait.  Breathtaking?  Beyond words.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ohio day #13 - The beach & Cedar Point

We started off today at the beach... the kids had a great time swimming, building sand castles, looking for "sea shells," & burying Sarah in the sand.  We got back from the beach, took a rest and then the boys and the kids headed off to Cedar Point... they were there for about 2 hours and it started storming pretty bad.  They're stuck there as I'm blogging- but there is no way this storm is passing- it's now onto a tornado warning.  Hopefully they're not too disappointed... but it's hard to be that disappointed when you've got 2 dads and a Grandpa spending all their money in the Arcade.

And as they're on their way to Cedar Point... 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ohio day #12 - KALAHARI!!!

Oh my gosh today was SO much fun... we got to Kalahari (indoor waterpark) at 10 and didn't leave until 4.  The kids had the most amazing time and by the time we got home we were all exhausted- but not too exhausted to go out to Toft's after dinner, of course.

Anyways, for the first time EVER we were able to convince Deacon to go down one of the big kid slides... and I'll tell you what... he was SO brave and I was SO proud of him.  Crappy thing about the whole ordeal?- we went up the stairs and got on the wrong slide... we got on the slide that went fast, was super dark and just overall scared the crap out of Deacon (and me).  Poor boy was so scared- and what sucked is that we had told him the slide was NOT dark- by the middle of the ride he had started falling into the tube which scared him even more... but he stayed brave and didn't cry.  By the time we came out he was somewhat traumatized but realized how brave he had been and was really pleased with himself.  However, he didn't go on a single slide the rest of the day.

Despite the slide mishap we had so much fun- and no one got sunburned.  Score.