Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two of my favorite dads in the entire world...

My dad is one of my all time favorite people... not just one of my favorite dads.  You know, a lot of times when girls become mothers they slowly realize the inevitable... they're becoming their own moms in their everyday routines (you know... things you never thought you would say to your kid- and when you say them you think, "oh God, I'm becoming my mom").  But I find myself just as often laughing at how much I sound like my dad... it's inevitable, really.  We share a birthday and I'm an only child (well, sort of)- we kind of bonded.  I find myself craving those days when it was just my dad and me... and I try and recreate them with Deacon.  And as much as I try, it's not the same- but I sure do hope that someday Deacon's memories of me are as amazing as the memories I have of my dad.  But I know there's something about dad that draws a child in... so while I know Deacon will have those fond memories of me, they will be nothing in comparison to those he'll have of the times he spent with his dad.
(this is my dad pulling out of my driveway... taking Milo to his new forever home)

And to one of my other favorite dads out there... my father in law.  You see, I'm a firm believer that boys watch their dads growing up... and they admire their dad- they look up to them so much.  I see it in Deacon and Zac- they watch Damien a certain way that I cannot describe... I'm sure many of you can relate-- the way a child watches his daddy.  And Thom, I cannot thank you enough for being such an amazing father to Damien & Derek.  Not only have you raised great kids... you did an awesome job teaching Damien how to do the laundry and load a dishwasher ;-)  Thanks also for being such a great father in law to me... I've always loved how you are always willing to play my games, and laugh with me when no one else is laughing ;-)