Sunday, June 27, 2010

Team iPhone

I’ve been on Team Blackberry since it came time for me to get a “smart phone.”  But a couple months ago I started to get the feeling that maybe, just maybe, I might want an iPhone.  I thought about it, and the only real reason I was saying “no” to the iPhone was the keypad… I love the keypad on the BB and really despise the one on the iPhone.  But is that a real reason to stay Team BB?  Finally, after much thought, I decided to take the plunge… and I started getting REAL excited about my iPhone, even before I owned it.  A week ago Damien and I waited at the AT&T store for 30 minutes to pre-order the new iPhone 4.0… and a few days ago our phones arrived.

… and I don’t think I’ve put my phone down for more than 5 minutes since I brought her home. 

I can still totally understand those who hate the iPhone keypad… because I really don’t LOVE it either.  But I’m able to toss that aside and have fallen in love with my new toy.  I seriously had no clue I could love a phone as much as I love this one, LOL.  Best part is that the boys are having fun with it too… Zac loves to listen to music on it and Deacon plays all the games I’ve got installed.  Everyone wins. 

I think I’m in love. 

And it should come as no surprise that Damien is in love with his new toy as well (and please don't mind the red tint to the photo... I'll never claim the iphone has good picture taking quality, LOL)


hiyaluv said...

i can't even read this i am so green with envy. it makes me want to cry.

Kayla said...

I'm still waiting for mine!! Hopefully I get it fast!

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