Friday, June 11, 2010

Swim Lessons

Deacon is doing great in swim lessons... not that we expected anything differently.  He started at a new school with his good friend Mason.  It's just the two of them in the class and the teacher is phenomenal.  We've been so happy with how well he's doing!

The cool thing about this place is their emphasis on technique.  We're so used to swim schools that just teach him to have fun in the water and to be safe- which is absolutely essential.  But Deacon was moving past that... and his old swim teacher was so awesome, but she wasn't pushing him like he needed to be pushed.  I certainly am not looking for someone to scream at him to have perfect strokes... but it's nice that they put this emphasis on strokes now that he's somewhat mastered the floating part of it all.

Check out our boys swimming in 9 ft. of water!!!

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