Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kidney Blastings and Frosties... hooray!

So my kidney blasting (as my lovely father in law calls it) went as well as can be expected on Friday... I went in, met my anesthesiologist, fell fast asleep and woke up with a throbbing sensation in my left kidney.  Fantastic.  Essentially what the procedure does is send huge sound waves through your kidneys thereby breaking up the stones... I had a few "small" stones (averaging 3-5mm) and one "bigger" stone (8mm).  So I got to go home and wait for the bits and pieces to start coming out.  Woo-hoo!  Potty talk... always a good time here.

Anyways, I'm feeling really beat up... and nauseous.  It certainly isn't helping matters that Zac woke up feverish with what appears to be a minor tummy bug.  Oh well... we refuse to let this get in the way of Fathers Day weekend.  Well, ok, we have let it get in the way of what we really wanted to be doing... but we're still having a nice time together, but on a smaller scale.

Hopefully I'll get some cute pictures of the boys together celebrating Fathers Day... but until then, I'll let these hold you over... taken yesterday- I have had no desire to cook since coming home from the hospital and I think Damien shouldn't have to cook on Fathers Day weekend... so Wendy's won our dinner vote yesterady!  Yum, Frosties!

(I swear he has the biggest 5 year old head in the entire world... LOL)

He had to smell the frosty before he would taste it... he is quite suspicious of this

Oh, ok... smells good to me!

I think Zac figured that if even picky-Deacon would eat it, he would like it... 


hiyaluv said...

i think zac is dave in a baby's body. dave must smell everything before he eats it. dave also is a fire head. dave also has some touch of red in the hair although he swears he is a blonde. regardless they are both cute.
feel better luv. i had no idea you had kidney stones. :(

Martha said...