Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Lego party!!!

Some say it was the 5 year old party of the century... and I'm pretty sure Deacon agreed whole heartedly... 

We had a scavenger hunt for Legos... where the kids had to build designs according to their treasure maps.

We had Lego chocolates (that I made myself!)

The Lego crayons were a hit too... but no matter what Lisa says- they're not edible.  Ellie & Lauryn found out the hard way.  Crayons are not chocolate.  They don't even smell or look like chocolate.  Lesson learned... don't believe Lisa.

The Lego candies purchased from the candy store were a huge hit too...

The bounce house was probably a favorite of the kids... 90 degree heat can't even keep kids (and their parents) out of bounce house.

So to everyone who was a part of this day... thanks for partying with us.  Deacon We had a blast.

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Misti said...

How fun! Love the scavenger hunt idea.