Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Damien

5 years ago when I saw you with Deacon for the first time I knew this was a good fit for you... and in these past 5 years I've watched you grow so much- not only as a father, but in life.  You've become more patient, more nurturing, more aware... and it's not as if you didn't have these qualities before- but being a daddy has really brought them out in you... they've become traits that stand out (so long as you remember your 'patient pants').  And I've known you were a good dad all this time... but this year was the year I found out how amazing you truly were.  When you were faced with the idea of coaching Deacon's soccer team you were terrified... but did it because you really didn't have much of a choice.  But within 5 minutes of practice I knew this was only the beginning of your days as "Coach Damien."  And it really highlighted your great "dad" like qualities... you were fair, you encouraged them, you inspired them and most of all you truly loved each and every one of those kids on your team- and best part... they loved you too.  

You're a great dad, Damien... and I should probably tell you this more often.  Not just on Father's Day.  

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