Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Zac FINALLY signs "bird"- for the longest time he has signed "dog" for all animals... which is fine, but birds are his absolute favorite (he's doing this to torture me, I know it)- so it's weird that he doesn't use the sign for it.  But he finally got it!!!  His favorite sign is "please".  Just "please".  No indication of "please" what, just "please".  Sometimes I think we might have been better off when he couldn't communicate.

2. So an update on my kidney situation... last week after my emergency room visit I was in pain almost 24 hours a day and on a constant stream of pain meds (thank you, percocet).  I could go about 5-6 hours before needing to take more meds... and sometimes around the 3-4 hour mark I was really hurting and needing more.  The pain meds merely took the edge off.  Anyways... on Sunday morning at 5am (warning, TMI) I passed a really large kidney stone... and then an hour later I passed about 10 more.  After that I was essentially pain free.  It was a miracle.  Anyway, I went to see my urologist and he saw on my x-ray that I had what's called "steinstrasse"- which loosely translates to "street of stones."  The one big stone was blocking the smaller ones- and all of them were stuck in my ureter- which was causing a lot of pain... not just from the stones, but from the fact that urine was having a hard time flowing out of that kidney.  My doctor looked at me and says, "wow, you must have been in a lot of pain..."  Hmmm, yeah, just a little.  So we're thinking all of the stones have passed, but if they haven't I have to have another procedure this Friday- I find out tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

3. Deacon is terrified of riding rides... it even takes convincing to get him onto a carousel.  Well, this summer he's convinced he's going to ride a roller coaster- but only if he gets to ride with his Grandma (who hates rollercoasters).  I don't really believe he'll ride one... but we'll see.

4. Damien has officially sold ONE of his iphone apps :)  Hooray!  He listed it a few days ago- I'm just proud of him for doing it :)

5. Deacon really loves having his nails painted... and I honestly have no problems with this.  But what I do have problems with is the issue of other kids teasing him.  I find it really sad that I have to have this conversation with him at such a young age... I tell him that, of course, I will paint his nails- that I think it's really cool... but there might be some kids at school that say that it's "girly"- so he'll need to stick up for himself.  And I am SO darn proud of Deacon because he is so much more comfortable in his own skin than I ever was as a kid... he just looks at me and says, "mommy- I'll just tell them... I don't care- I think my nails look really cool!!!"  A month or so ago he was kind of going through a little stage where he was caring what other kids were saying... but it was so short lived (and it was over something really weird... I forget what).  So when he got home from school the other day after I painted his nails I asked if anyone said anything about his nails... and he said a couple girls laughed- but he absolutely did not care. And it totally made up for it when Ms. Tanier told him how cool his nail polish looked.  I kind of hate that if boys do something that's "girly" they get made fun of... why can't boys have their nails painted too?  I don't blame Deacon for wanting it done... it's colorful and looks cute.  Just makes me sad some times... but on the other hand, it makes me insanely happy to see how self confident my 5 year old can be.

Damien is taking over this "10 on Tuesday" now...

6. I actually got an email from the guy who bought the app explaining why, after he tried it, it was unusable for him.  He was nice though.

7. I'm glad "10 on Tuesday" is Amanda's thing... these are hard to come up with.

8. My co-worker, and friend, Ed is going to Assistant Coach soccer with me this year.  His son, Logan, is Deacon's age and will play on the team.  This should be fun!

9. It's been hot here the past few days.  Every summer, I have to re-"get used to" 100+ temps so early.

10. Amanda and I are both addicted to "Words With Friends" on the iPhone.  For the uninitiated, it's Scrabble.  We both have more than 5 games with different people going on right now.  It kind of obnoxious in the evening when we both lay in bed and get caught up on our respective turns.

(sorry mom... no pictures.  though I'll try and make up for it tomorrow- there could be a video!!!)


Unknown said...

That stinks about the APP, but hopefully word will get out!

Equally yucky about D being teased.

Lisa B. said...

I've painted Phoenix's fingernails twice (well - just one nail), and he liked it too! Though his dad wasn't a big fan, because he was going to a new daycare at the time. Now that he's being watched by grandma again - we might start it again. And, that is VERY cool how secure he is to not care what other people think. If he can just keep that frame of mind, he's golden.

hiyaluv said...

addicted? only 5 games? I can't stand waiting for people to get back to me so I have 20 games going. play with my. I'm hiyaluv


Natalie said...

I've just started painting Abby's toes and she LOVES it. I've never seen her sit so still! I honestly didn't know she had it in her- I'm so glad your little guy isn't growing up in some completely backwards place like kentucky or west virginia, or sandusky for that matter! What color are you painting on him? Maybe it would go over better if it were blue or green or black or something?