Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Whenever my mom is here we play Gin Rummy (or however you spell it)... my goal is to not let Damien win.  I hate when Damien wins.

2. There are plenty of times that you can really tell that I'm an only child...

3. Damien hurt his back this weekend while bending over to pick up a piece of paper... me thinks it's time to get back to the gym.

4. My mom broke her toe on Sunday... she was running down the stairs, tried to open the baby gate- but instead of opening it, the gate just completely fell- and she fell with it.  I was upstairs and all I heard was this loud crash and a stream of obscenities.  I really wish I had been there to witness this happening.

5. Do you know what a buckle is (when referring to baking)?  No?  Damien does.  Know what a "betty" is?  Don't know that either?  Well, guess who does!?!  Damien.  And he would love to tell you all about them if you ever want to learn... give us a call some night and he will enlighten you.

6. I sort of wish I was doing 5 on Tuesday instead of 10 on Tuesday... this is rough tonight.  And my mom REALLY isn't helping.  At all.

7. My biggest pet peeve is mouth noises.  I cannot handle mouth noises.

8. Zac learned a new sign this week- "please"  My favorite is when you convince him to "say" please when he's really agitated... because he'll either start hitting his stomach or hit yours.  It always makes me laugh.

9. A while back Deacon kept getting into our closet- which is where we hide all his gifts.  We kept telling him not to go in there... and he just wouldn't listen.  So one day he looks at me and says, "well why don't you have a sign on the door that says 'no kids allowed'???"  Hmmm... well, I never thought of that before.  I promptly made a sign that says "No kids allowed"- and ever since then he has NEVER gone into our closet.  Who knew it was that easy.

10. Deacon slept until 7:35... when we went in to wake him up.  I was asleep until a few minutes before we woke him up- and when Damien woke me up to tell me Deacon was still sleeping there was a brief second when I thought he had to be dead or extremely ill... there is no way my Deacon sleeps past 6:30.


hiyaluv said...

i want pictures of mom.

Laura said...

Number 9 made me laugh out loud. I love it when something is *that* easy.

Anonymous said...

Number 4 - Sounds like a barrel of laughs. It's no wonder you look forward to Marty coming for a visit - she always provides the entertainment. Love you Marty! Pottymouth