Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 on Tuesday... and picture catch-up

1. My mama left today... ::sigh:: I love my job and my life in California, but man I miss my friends and family back in Ohio.

2. Zac is absolutely stranger phobic... except with my mom.  When she visits it's like sudden recognition.  We like to say it's because he subconsciously remembers those first 2 months of his life when my mom was here... bouncing him on that God awful bouncy ball and constantly carrying around the colicky baby he once was.

3. Deacon is having his first official sleepover tonight... he's had friends over that go to sleep, but they go home (since we're just watching the friend for a date night or something).  But tonight Martin comes over to spend the whole night... I'm sure Deacon is going to be beside himself with excitement... and I'm curious how long it takes them to fall asleep and what time they both wake up (a LONG time & early).

4. I keep the Food Network on all day long when I'm at home by myself.  I need the background noise, but need something that doesn't distract me.  I am really surprised by how much I've learned just from having it on in the background... sure, I pay attention to things here and there, but I am surprised at how much I'm just picking up.  I love it.

5. In less than a month I will be the proud owner of my very first iphone... I've been Team Blackberry- but then I saw the iphone 4.0 and fell in love.

6. My mom made me so proud yesterday... we went out to lunch and Damien and I chose this all-you-can-eat sushi place that I really like... well, I knew my mom wouldn't love the place, but she tried EVERYTHING put in front of her- even the raw stuff!!!  And she didn't spit out any of it!  She says she likes Thai better... which isn't saying much since she really doesn't like Thai.  It's blasphemy if you ask me... but I'm sure proud of her.

7. We're going home to Ohio in a month... and I just sent my father in law a list of things we "need" to do when we're in Cincinnati... and I sadly realized that more than half of the things on the list included food items.  I never realized how much I missed certain Ohio foods... especially the ice cream (Graeter's and Toft's).

8. I bought a pink umbrella stroller off craigslist yesterday... 3 of us are happy with this purchase while 1 of us is not too happy.  My thought is this... sure, I would rather have a blue'ish stroller, but who cares?  It was a GREAT deal on a stroller that retails $360 (seriously who in the world would pay that much money for an umbrella stroller???)... I didn't care that it has pink accents.  Deacon was a touch skeptical because he heard Damien complaining about it... but I put the kabosh on that real quick.  No boy of mine is going to say there is such a thing as a "boy color" and a "girl color"- and this is the first time Deacon has ever uttered anything like that.  He typically says pink and purple are his favorite colors.  Oh how easily they are influenced at this age... I'm sure he hears it from the kids at school too, though.  But I hate it... I hate gender specifying COLOR.

9. Zac still seems like such a baby to me... and I swear at this point I thought Deacon was so "big boy."  Is it because I have an older child who I'm comparing to Zac?  Or is it because Zac is quite possibly my last "baby"?  Who knows.  But I keep getting these "toddler updates" from Baby Center and I keep forgetting that they're talking about Zac!  Along that same topic, I'm getting "your Big Kid" updates from Baby Center about DEACON.  My "big kid???"  Ugh.  While I picture him as a bigger kid than Zac, he's still little, right?  While I am SO excited about him going to Kindergarten this year, it's also so surreal.

10. When Damien and I were in line to pre-order the iphone there was this really obnoxious lady in line too... she was going on and on about how the store should have prepared better for this (all the computers had crashed at both AT&T as well as Apple... as well as all other retailers selling the preorders).  It was so obnoxious so I finally said something to her... come on lady!  As if apple and AT&T aren't doing this on purpose?!?!  The computer crashes create media buzz which brings in more business.  So stop complaining or leave.  There are plenty of people who are willing to wait out the obnoxiousness of it all to get the latest and greatest.  Simmer down.  I think the people in the store were pleased that Damien and I stood up for them.

Ok, and for those of you who completely skip over content to look at the pictures (::cough::mom::cough::), here you go... a major picture update:


Grumpy said...

Graeter's strawberry chunk ice cream waiting for you in our freezer. Looking forward to the Super Hero party.

Grumpy said...

Graeter's strawberry chunk ice cream waiting for you in our freezer. Looking forward to the Super Hero party.

hiyaluv said...

Graeter's and Tofts! yummy! but what about the salt pile? The salt pile doesn't get a shout out. Blasphemy.

Unknown said...

I love the new look and the pic of the daredevil biker! <3

Samantha said...

I don't skip over content, but I love the photos too! ;)