Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swim lessons... explained

The below post wouldn't let me add any text... weird.  Anyway.  Enjoy the videos!  They're not the best, but it's what I got for the day.  His diving is improving significantly- though he still has quite the red tummy after the 30 minute lesson.  He's also doing great swimming across the pool... they're supposed to swim four strokes then flip onto their backs for a breath... then flip back on to their tummy and repeat.  He's pretty much swimming the entire time by himself, though occasionally she just needs to put one hand under his back for a little help.  This is the kid who would NEVER swim freestyle before going to this swim school... so we're impressed ;)

Swim lessons... the video

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Zac FINALLY signs "bird"- for the longest time he has signed "dog" for all animals... which is fine, but birds are his absolute favorite (he's doing this to torture me, I know it)- so it's weird that he doesn't use the sign for it.  But he finally got it!!!  His favorite sign is "please".  Just "please".  No indication of "please" what, just "please".  Sometimes I think we might have been better off when he couldn't communicate.

2. So an update on my kidney situation... last week after my emergency room visit I was in pain almost 24 hours a day and on a constant stream of pain meds (thank you, percocet).  I could go about 5-6 hours before needing to take more meds... and sometimes around the 3-4 hour mark I was really hurting and needing more.  The pain meds merely took the edge off.  Anyways... on Sunday morning at 5am (warning, TMI) I passed a really large kidney stone... and then an hour later I passed about 10 more.  After that I was essentially pain free.  It was a miracle.  Anyway, I went to see my urologist and he saw on my x-ray that I had what's called "steinstrasse"- which loosely translates to "street of stones."  The one big stone was blocking the smaller ones- and all of them were stuck in my ureter- which was causing a lot of pain... not just from the stones, but from the fact that urine was having a hard time flowing out of that kidney.  My doctor looked at me and says, "wow, you must have been in a lot of pain..."  Hmmm, yeah, just a little.  So we're thinking all of the stones have passed, but if they haven't I have to have another procedure this Friday- I find out tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

3. Deacon is terrified of riding rides... it even takes convincing to get him onto a carousel.  Well, this summer he's convinced he's going to ride a roller coaster- but only if he gets to ride with his Grandma (who hates rollercoasters).  I don't really believe he'll ride one... but we'll see.

4. Damien has officially sold ONE of his iphone apps :)  Hooray!  He listed it a few days ago- I'm just proud of him for doing it :)

5. Deacon really loves having his nails painted... and I honestly have no problems with this.  But what I do have problems with is the issue of other kids teasing him.  I find it really sad that I have to have this conversation with him at such a young age... I tell him that, of course, I will paint his nails- that I think it's really cool... but there might be some kids at school that say that it's "girly"- so he'll need to stick up for himself.  And I am SO darn proud of Deacon because he is so much more comfortable in his own skin than I ever was as a kid... he just looks at me and says, "mommy- I'll just tell them... I don't care- I think my nails look really cool!!!"  A month or so ago he was kind of going through a little stage where he was caring what other kids were saying... but it was so short lived (and it was over something really weird... I forget what).  So when he got home from school the other day after I painted his nails I asked if anyone said anything about his nails... and he said a couple girls laughed- but he absolutely did not care. And it totally made up for it when Ms. Tanier told him how cool his nail polish looked.  I kind of hate that if boys do something that's "girly" they get made fun of... why can't boys have their nails painted too?  I don't blame Deacon for wanting it done... it's colorful and looks cute.  Just makes me sad some times... but on the other hand, it makes me insanely happy to see how self confident my 5 year old can be.

Damien is taking over this "10 on Tuesday" now...

6. I actually got an email from the guy who bought the app explaining why, after he tried it, it was unusable for him.  He was nice though.

7. I'm glad "10 on Tuesday" is Amanda's thing... these are hard to come up with.

8. My co-worker, and friend, Ed is going to Assistant Coach soccer with me this year.  His son, Logan, is Deacon's age and will play on the team.  This should be fun!

9. It's been hot here the past few days.  Every summer, I have to re-"get used to" 100+ temps so early.

10. Amanda and I are both addicted to "Words With Friends" on the iPhone.  For the uninitiated, it's Scrabble.  We both have more than 5 games with different people going on right now.  It kind of obnoxious in the evening when we both lay in bed and get caught up on our respective turns.

(sorry mom... no pictures.  though I'll try and make up for it tomorrow- there could be a video!!!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Team iPhone

I’ve been on Team Blackberry since it came time for me to get a “smart phone.”  But a couple months ago I started to get the feeling that maybe, just maybe, I might want an iPhone.  I thought about it, and the only real reason I was saying “no” to the iPhone was the keypad… I love the keypad on the BB and really despise the one on the iPhone.  But is that a real reason to stay Team BB?  Finally, after much thought, I decided to take the plunge… and I started getting REAL excited about my iPhone, even before I owned it.  A week ago Damien and I waited at the AT&T store for 30 minutes to pre-order the new iPhone 4.0… and a few days ago our phones arrived.

… and I don’t think I’ve put my phone down for more than 5 minutes since I brought her home. 

I can still totally understand those who hate the iPhone keypad… because I really don’t LOVE it either.  But I’m able to toss that aside and have fallen in love with my new toy.  I seriously had no clue I could love a phone as much as I love this one, LOL.  Best part is that the boys are having fun with it too… Zac loves to listen to music on it and Deacon plays all the games I’ve got installed.  Everyone wins. 

I think I’m in love. 

And it should come as no surprise that Damien is in love with his new toy as well (and please don't mind the red tint to the photo... I'll never claim the iphone has good picture taking quality, LOL)

It's why we don't have a clean house...

We started today with a laundry list of things to do... dishes, vacuuming, pick up bedrooms, laundry, grocery shopping, etc... And we began our day with the tasks at hand- farmers market & Costco.  We got home from Costco and were all just really tired and not feeling at all like doing anything else on our list for the time being... so we all took a nap.  And well, the boys decided that they didn't quite feel like taking long naps- of course.  So we all are awake and none of us felt like completing our assigned tasks (Damien- cleaning; Me- grocery shopping; Deacon- clean his room; Zac- try not to make a bigger mess in our assigned "pick up areas")... so, instead, we blew up the kiddie pool and played outside.

As working parents we have to sometimes make the tough decision... clean house or family time.  Sure, there are times that cleaning can be family time... but not on a gorgeous summer day when we had spent all morning lugging the kids around on errands with us.  At the end of the day I look around my cluttered and somewhat disheveled house and I do wish we had been able to accomplish more (since I know for a fact I enjoy a clean house more than I enjoy a messy one)... but at least I'm able to look at these pictures and know we had a TON of fun ignoring our responsibilities.

(though I feel the need to give Damien some credit here... he did about 6 loads of laundry and ironed his work shirts... He's a pretty good husband sometimes)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer days...

Thank God for amazing friends and gorgeous summer weather... I've been cooped up in the house for a week now and after naptime we loaded the car and headed to the Harrigan household.  

The boys wore themselves out slipping and sliding...

Zac ran around having fun signing and saying "doggy"- and screaming anytime the dog got remotely close to him.  He also was well taken care of by Allison- who kept saying things like, "Iss otay baby Zac"-- oh young love.

And then the boys (including Damien- who is pictured) had some fun in this amazing blow up ball thingy
And Deacon got his first ever bee sting... he was almost brave- but I don't blame him... bee stings don't feel too great.

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Friday! That Means D3!!

Deacon finishing his donut (I think he's getting sick of the D3 photo shoots)

Zac wearing his

The carnage left behind for me to clean up

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. This weeks 10 on Tuesday is brought to you from Damiens iPad... While I'm sitting in the er waiting room. Having issues passing a kidney stone so my urologist wanted me to come in.

2. I'm sitting here in the er and what does my mom say to me? "you know it is Tuesday". Nice, subtle hints.

3. Zac is so good at signing! He now knows ball (and says ball at the same time) and fan. So cute. He still refuses to sign thank you. Go figure.

4. I'm having a hard time concentrating with all the interesting people all around me. I also feel like throwing up every time I think of how germy this place is.

5. I want to buy a new cookbook. Would love suggestions. No Rachel Ray. I cannot handle her.

6. The fireworks booths have been erected and Deacon is beside himself with excitement. It is his favorite part of this holiday- buying fireworks from the roadside stands.

7. I really struggle when I hear parents being rude/nasty to their children... or ignoring their children.  I have a hard time not intervening.  Tonight there was a little girl, probably a little less than 2, in the ER with her parents... and the dad kept YELLING at her to sit still.  Come on.  I was so sad for her.  It just hurts my heart when parents treat their kids like crap.

8. I'm now home from the ER... thank God!  All is fine... I am still passing some sizable stones- bigger than they would like after lithotripsy.  The KUB showed a few stones in my ureter and some still in my kidney.  Lovely.

9. I'm having a not so good day.

10. I feel the need to take a bath in the hottest water imaginable to get these germs off me.  And I also feel the need to apologize for the crappy 10 on Tuesday... I'm just in a bad mood... on on pain meds.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

At the end of the day we go a little photo crazy...

He really hates having his hair washed... and I love how this picture truly captures how much he hates the part where we pour water over his head.

But he certainly doesn't mind helping wash Deacon's hair!

And these... my friends... are pictures that Deacon took.  Venture a guess which one he took after he proclaimed, "Now, do a 'mean hip hop face' mommy and daddy!!!" 

Happy Father's Day Damien

5 years ago when I saw you with Deacon for the first time I knew this was a good fit for you... and in these past 5 years I've watched you grow so much- not only as a father, but in life.  You've become more patient, more nurturing, more aware... and it's not as if you didn't have these qualities before- but being a daddy has really brought them out in you... they've become traits that stand out (so long as you remember your 'patient pants').  And I've known you were a good dad all this time... but this year was the year I found out how amazing you truly were.  When you were faced with the idea of coaching Deacon's soccer team you were terrified... but did it because you really didn't have much of a choice.  But within 5 minutes of practice I knew this was only the beginning of your days as "Coach Damien."  And it really highlighted your great "dad" like qualities... you were fair, you encouraged them, you inspired them and most of all you truly loved each and every one of those kids on your team- and best part... they loved you too.  

You're a great dad, Damien... and I should probably tell you this more often.  Not just on Father's Day.  

Two of my favorite dads in the entire world...

My dad is one of my all time favorite people... not just one of my favorite dads.  You know, a lot of times when girls become mothers they slowly realize the inevitable... they're becoming their own moms in their everyday routines (you know... things you never thought you would say to your kid- and when you say them you think, "oh God, I'm becoming my mom").  But I find myself just as often laughing at how much I sound like my dad... it's inevitable, really.  We share a birthday and I'm an only child (well, sort of)- we kind of bonded.  I find myself craving those days when it was just my dad and me... and I try and recreate them with Deacon.  And as much as I try, it's not the same- but I sure do hope that someday Deacon's memories of me are as amazing as the memories I have of my dad.  But I know there's something about dad that draws a child in... so while I know Deacon will have those fond memories of me, they will be nothing in comparison to those he'll have of the times he spent with his dad.
(this is my dad pulling out of my driveway... taking Milo to his new forever home)

And to one of my other favorite dads out there... my father in law.  You see, I'm a firm believer that boys watch their dads growing up... and they admire their dad- they look up to them so much.  I see it in Deacon and Zac- they watch Damien a certain way that I cannot describe... I'm sure many of you can relate-- the way a child watches his daddy.  And Thom, I cannot thank you enough for being such an amazing father to Damien & Derek.  Not only have you raised great kids... you did an awesome job teaching Damien how to do the laundry and load a dishwasher ;-)  Thanks also for being such a great father in law to me... I've always loved how you are always willing to play my games, and laugh with me when no one else is laughing ;-)   

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kidney Blastings and Frosties... hooray!

So my kidney blasting (as my lovely father in law calls it) went as well as can be expected on Friday... I went in, met my anesthesiologist, fell fast asleep and woke up with a throbbing sensation in my left kidney.  Fantastic.  Essentially what the procedure does is send huge sound waves through your kidneys thereby breaking up the stones... I had a few "small" stones (averaging 3-5mm) and one "bigger" stone (8mm).  So I got to go home and wait for the bits and pieces to start coming out.  Woo-hoo!  Potty talk... always a good time here.

Anyways, I'm feeling really beat up... and nauseous.  It certainly isn't helping matters that Zac woke up feverish with what appears to be a minor tummy bug.  Oh well... we refuse to let this get in the way of Fathers Day weekend.  Well, ok, we have let it get in the way of what we really wanted to be doing... but we're still having a nice time together, but on a smaller scale.

Hopefully I'll get some cute pictures of the boys together celebrating Fathers Day... but until then, I'll let these hold you over... taken yesterday- I have had no desire to cook since coming home from the hospital and I think Damien shouldn't have to cook on Fathers Day weekend... so Wendy's won our dinner vote yesterady!  Yum, Frosties!

(I swear he has the biggest 5 year old head in the entire world... LOL)

He had to smell the frosty before he would taste it... he is quite suspicious of this

Oh, ok... smells good to me!

I think Zac figured that if even picky-Deacon would eat it, he would like it... 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The days of summer...

The days of summer are upon us... 

And boy do we like what that means...

And the fact that we can all sit outside after a big dinner and eat ice cream in perfect *not too hot* weather... is heaven

And we are big fans of ice cream

But a night wouldn't be complete without some typical Zachary behavior...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 on Tuesday... and picture catch-up

1. My mama left today... ::sigh:: I love my job and my life in California, but man I miss my friends and family back in Ohio.

2. Zac is absolutely stranger phobic... except with my mom.  When she visits it's like sudden recognition.  We like to say it's because he subconsciously remembers those first 2 months of his life when my mom was here... bouncing him on that God awful bouncy ball and constantly carrying around the colicky baby he once was.

3. Deacon is having his first official sleepover tonight... he's had friends over that go to sleep, but they go home (since we're just watching the friend for a date night or something).  But tonight Martin comes over to spend the whole night... I'm sure Deacon is going to be beside himself with excitement... and I'm curious how long it takes them to fall asleep and what time they both wake up (a LONG time & early).

4. I keep the Food Network on all day long when I'm at home by myself.  I need the background noise, but need something that doesn't distract me.  I am really surprised by how much I've learned just from having it on in the background... sure, I pay attention to things here and there, but I am surprised at how much I'm just picking up.  I love it.

5. In less than a month I will be the proud owner of my very first iphone... I've been Team Blackberry- but then I saw the iphone 4.0 and fell in love.

6. My mom made me so proud yesterday... we went out to lunch and Damien and I chose this all-you-can-eat sushi place that I really like... well, I knew my mom wouldn't love the place, but she tried EVERYTHING put in front of her- even the raw stuff!!!  And she didn't spit out any of it!  She says she likes Thai better... which isn't saying much since she really doesn't like Thai.  It's blasphemy if you ask me... but I'm sure proud of her.

7. We're going home to Ohio in a month... and I just sent my father in law a list of things we "need" to do when we're in Cincinnati... and I sadly realized that more than half of the things on the list included food items.  I never realized how much I missed certain Ohio foods... especially the ice cream (Graeter's and Toft's).

8. I bought a pink umbrella stroller off craigslist yesterday... 3 of us are happy with this purchase while 1 of us is not too happy.  My thought is this... sure, I would rather have a blue'ish stroller, but who cares?  It was a GREAT deal on a stroller that retails $360 (seriously who in the world would pay that much money for an umbrella stroller???)... I didn't care that it has pink accents.  Deacon was a touch skeptical because he heard Damien complaining about it... but I put the kabosh on that real quick.  No boy of mine is going to say there is such a thing as a "boy color" and a "girl color"- and this is the first time Deacon has ever uttered anything like that.  He typically says pink and purple are his favorite colors.  Oh how easily they are influenced at this age... I'm sure he hears it from the kids at school too, though.  But I hate it... I hate gender specifying COLOR.

9. Zac still seems like such a baby to me... and I swear at this point I thought Deacon was so "big boy."  Is it because I have an older child who I'm comparing to Zac?  Or is it because Zac is quite possibly my last "baby"?  Who knows.  But I keep getting these "toddler updates" from Baby Center and I keep forgetting that they're talking about Zac!  Along that same topic, I'm getting "your Big Kid" updates from Baby Center about DEACON.  My "big kid???"  Ugh.  While I picture him as a bigger kid than Zac, he's still little, right?  While I am SO excited about him going to Kindergarten this year, it's also so surreal.

10. When Damien and I were in line to pre-order the iphone there was this really obnoxious lady in line too... she was going on and on about how the store should have prepared better for this (all the computers had crashed at both AT&T as well as Apple... as well as all other retailers selling the preorders).  It was so obnoxious so I finally said something to her... come on lady!  As if apple and AT&T aren't doing this on purpose?!?!  The computer crashes create media buzz which brings in more business.  So stop complaining or leave.  There are plenty of people who are willing to wait out the obnoxiousness of it all to get the latest and greatest.  Simmer down.  I think the people in the store were pleased that Damien and I stood up for them.

Ok, and for those of you who completely skip over content to look at the pictures (::cough::mom::cough::), here you go... a major picture update: