Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ms. Allison!!!

My absolute favorite little 2 year old girl turned 2 yesterday!!!  Two years ago I put Deacon to bed and made my way over to the Harrigan household... we planned on me spending the night so I could watch Aiden while Cory & Dawn went to the hospital.  Cory spent the evening being a master comedian- which was really amusing to me... not so much for Dawn.  We all still laugh about our little sleep over.

I still cannot believe Ms. Allison is 2... it seems like yesterday.  Dawn {and Cory} planned such a cute Dora party- which included a Dora adventure around their backyard.  The kids had an absolute blast- it was such a good idea... and as we were leaving Deacon says to me, "Mommy- I hope my birthday party is as fun as Allison's!"

The kids all got their maps and were figuring out the first stop!

Pin the tail on Swiper!  

Even Zac got to play... with daddy blindfolded

"The Grumpy Old Troll"
{who doesn't look like much of a troll... who resides in a bush}
This was probably my favorite part of the party...

Allison was NOT pleased with the Grumpy Old Troll... so Cory had to de-mask and convince his baby girl that everything was really ok.

The kids LOVED the this part!

Zac LOVED being able to hit the pinata... and man, he hit it HARD too {for a little boy!}

So, Happy Birthday Ms. Allison... we love you!


hiyaluv said...

ahh such fun! my favorite is damien with a blindfold on! :)

Martha said...

OMG!! What a GREAT BIRTHDAY SIGN! Where ever did you get it???!?!