Monday, May 24, 2010

The curse of Damien leaving...

We always joke that whenever Damien leaves something bad happens... but really, it's not a joke anymore. I'm serious.  Whenever Damien leaves something is bound to happen... someone either gets the stomach flu, or has a gallbladder attack, or the alarm system goes haywire, or, like this time- both boys get sick with some weird fever illness.

Damien left last Sunday night... and at 2am when I went in to give Zac his bottle he was burning up.  From here on out life was miserable.  From that point until the time Damien got home I got a total of about 7 hours of sleep (over a span of 4 days).  It was horrible.  I think it was honestly my lowest point as a parent... I did not do well with the illnesses and lack of sleep.  Zac just cried non-stop.  Deacon wasn't feeling well either.

When Damien got home on Thursday Zac's fever lifted and all was well with the world... of course.

(you give a boy some bubbles to blow outside on a mild day... it's amazing what it does for a sick boy)


Unknown said...

LOVE the bridge hat!

Martha said...

Thanks, I needed (no, NEEDED) these pictures!