Monday, May 10, 2010

Can you spot the mom in this picture???

This was the question posed on the front of my Mothers Day card this morning...

The top of the card shows a crowded beach... with the question- Can you spot the mom in this picture???

{At this point I'm thinking... "Ummm... well, no..."}

The question is immediately answered on the inside... and let me tell you- there has never been a Mothers Day card more spot on.

So, can you spot the mom in the picture???

"Of course not... she's still back at the car unloading the beach towels, sunscreen, inflatable toys, ice chest, folding chairs, blanket, pails & shovels, fold-up umbrella, swim fins, and who knows what else."

I think moms have some sort of super power... I really do.  Let's take this beach card as an example-- the family is going to the beach.  Who packs?  Mom.  Does anyone ask her to pack?  HA!  She does it without question... and she knows just what to pack.  She knows the snacks that the kids will ask for, the drinks they'll want too... knows to pack the same thing for everyone so no one fights over "the better color sippy"... Doesn't forget sunscreen... and brings an extra set of the most random item- "just in case."  She doesn't just pack for the kids- but she knows her husband will probably want to have certain items... so she packs those... and when the family gets to where they're going and said husband says something like, "shoot! I forgot to pack {insert item here}"- mom can say, with ease {and a hint of satisfaction... and sometimes annoyance... in her voice}- "I remembered that..."

So to some of the most amazing moms I know... Happy Mother's Day.


Unknown said...

Love it! Super sweetness!

Natalie said...

HA! And she does all that packing in such a way so that her husband doesn't complain that she's bringing too much (like the sippy cups and gold fish crackers and wipes are for HER!)

Annette said...

aww I love these!!