Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. On Saturday Zac learned how to say "uh-oh!" - and has been saying it non-stop.  He says it in the right context, too... which is impressive to me.  I took the boys to Costco on Sunday night after Damien left and Zac kept throwing things out of the cart just so he could look excitedly at me and say, "uh-oh!"

2. On this same Costco trip, Zac decided that he was "all-done," about 15 minutes after we got there.  So in between saying "uh-oh" he was frantically signing and saying "alllll-done."  He's a clever one.

3. Everywhere we go, someone says something about Zac's hair... always.  I've been waiting for this day to happen- and it finally did yesterday... Deacon says to me, "mommy, I wish Zac had hair like mine."  Deacon wouldn't say why... but I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that Zac's red hair gets him a LOT of attention.

4. I'm going to make homemade yogurt today... in my crockpot.  I'm oddly very excited about the prospect of homemade yogurt made in a crockpot.

5. I'm reading The Time Travelers Wife... it's the first book I've actually picked up and read in a looooong time.  I'm a huge fan of audiobooks- but now that my travel season is dying down I don't get a chance to listen to many books... so I decided I would try to read 1-2 books a month.  I'm going to alternate between fiction and non-fiction... and I've also sworn to expand my literary horizons-- reading more than just parenting books in the non-fiction category... and reading more than just "happy" books in the fiction category.  Anyway... I'm really enjoying The Time Travelers Wife... it's not a typical "Amanda" book... but it's really good... and I'm insanely impressed that this is the authors' first novel.

6. I swear Damien could sleep through a tornado... he's such a heavy sleeper- and it drives me crazy... not just because it's hard to wake him up when I need him- but because I'm insanely jealous that he sleeps so well.  The kids cough and I'm leaping out of bed... and Damien has been known to fall asleep while we're Ferberizing the kids.  I don't get it.

7. Deacon has taken to calling his daddy, "Damien,"-- he says "daddy" more often than he says "Damien"- but not as often as Damien would like.  It makes me laugh so hard... mainly because it sounds like Deacon is saying "Deemion" (dee-me-on).  He rarely calls me "Amanda" though.  And when my mom was visiting Deacon was trying to get my moms attention and he finally, in exasperation, yelled out, "MARTY!!!"  hahahaha!!!  Why is it so funny to hear him call us by name???

8. I'm not doing too well completing my 101 goals... I've got a little over 9 months to go, so I'm trying to pick up the pace a little here.  The "cleaning" goals are really throwing me off, though.

9. Last night I tried bringing Zac in bed with me... he's not feeling great (thanks to teething), and I really didn't feel like sleeping with him in his rocking chair.  So I figured I would try and put him to bed with me.  BIG mistake.  He thought it was SO funny to be laying in bed with me... he was asleep when I brought him in bed... but I laid down with him and he shot right up and started pointing to everything and yelling, "THIS!"- and then would laugh hysterically at himself.  Then he stood up and kept throwing himself into the covers and pillows.  Why can't I have cuddly children who like to sleep with us?  We bring Deacon into bed with us and he yells at Damien and I to "scoot over!"- and then proceeds to kick us all night.

10. Damien is one of those people who you always tend to believe when they give you an answer to something... he's beyond smart and seems to know everything.  I've learned over the years that he doesn't always know the answer- but hates it when he doesn't know the answer to something... and instead of saying, "Hmmm, I don't know!"- he'll, more than likely, tell you what he THINKS is the answer... but won't tell you that he's not 100% sure... so now I don't believe everything he says like I used to.  But don't let me fool you... this doesn't happen often very often.  Because if he's near a computer (and now, thanks to the iPhone) he'll just say the dreaded, "I'll look it up!"  I make fun of him because of all this... but I will say that I am probably a lot smarter because of him.

This picture really highlights his hair... it just keeps getting redder and redder each day!!! I love it... but it also worries me that he'll get teased about it when he gets older :(  I adore red headed little boys...


Tracy said...

oh man! that is one thing I hate about moving the baby to the crib. They think its play time in our bed when they get to sleep there!

damien said...

Wow... early start on the 10! Sorry you're home with sick/teething boys. After reading this, I wish even more I was back home! Love you, miss you.

hiyaluv said...

aw damien is so sweet. {hence his comment}

okay so i too am like damien in that i don't like to admit that i don't know something. dave will ask me a question and i will tell him what i think the answer is or go with my "hunch" which means "make something up" and he gets so annoyed...and then he says that I LIED when he finds out the real answer. pshhh! i didn't lie-i just made it up!

Annette said...

I love redheads!!