Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. I am so unbelievably proud of how well Deacon swims... I've always been a proud mommy.  But there is something undeniably different about being proud of something I witness... and being proud when someone seeks you out to tell you your kid is doing exceptionally well at something.  And it's something that he's done entirely on his own.  We don't push swimming... we don't practice... he just loves it.

2. Despite him being so good at swimming he has these moments where he regresses entirely... I don't know the psychology behind it... but I think it has to do with getting shy and losing his confidence- so he'll be in the middle of the pool and just start to drown... and instead of remembering the things he's learned he starts to panic... which, of course, makes it worse.  That's really frustrating... but totally age appropriate.  But this is the exact reason we do swim lessons... we're around water way too much to have him have these moments of panic- and thankfully they are VERY few and far between now that he's older.

3. We now know that Zac understands some of our words... the other day I told him to go put his socks on the stairs... and after a bit of coaxing, he actually did it.  He also thoroughly enjoys being able to throw things in the garbage can- and totally "gets" when we tell him to throw something away.  My favorite, however, is when we tell him it's bathtime- the boy RUNS to the stairs as if it's a race.  So cute.

4. We're having a LEGO birthday party for Deacon here at the house... I don't know who's more excited- me, or Deacon.  I'm having a blast planning the games and food.  We've always had his parties at a party place... but this year I decided on "saving money" and having it here.  (and trust me, I say "saving money"- but I use that term loosely... having a party at home really adds up!!!)

5. I'm really happy to be done with our cold and wintery season... but I dread the intense heat of the Sacramento summers.  But as much as I may complain about 115 degree heat- I'll take that dry high heat anyday over snow.

6. Today I was working at a community college in the bay area... some punk kid was mean to another kid- and I nearly chased down the mean kid... but instead I focused on making the other kid feel better.  By the time I got done talking to him the mean kid was gone... which is probably a good thing... as I don't know how happy my boss would have been to hear that I verbally assaulted someone while on the clock.  (and for reference... the kid who was treated poorly was a student with downs syndrome... and it made me feel better to see that every single other student he interacted with was SO sweet and friendly with him... but it's the one bad interaction that ruins it... and I can't stop thinking about it)

7. I'm envious of those who know how to garden well... and envious of those who have really pretty yards.  I have a black thumb and have no talent whatsoever in figuring out the aesthetics of our backyard.

8. I don't have voicemail on my cell phone... and I do this on purpose.  I loathe voicemail... and mildly hate talking on my cell phone.  Most of my friends know not to leave me a voicemail at home... because I probably won't check it.  I used to have a message on my cell phone voicemail that said "Please don't leave a message- I rarely check my voicemail.  So even if you do leave a message, I won't check it"- but people ignored it and left messages... and got mad when I would say I had not listened to their message.  So I just took away voicemail.  Life is simpler without voicemail.  Along those lines... it's a rare occurrence that you will catch me on my cell phone.  If you don't reach me at home, the next best way to get ahold of me is facebook or gmail.  I suck at calling people back too.

9. I often wonder what brought Damien and I together... we are so different... but Paula Abdul said it best... "opposites attract" (and come on... Paula speaks the truth, right?)

10. I have a talent for giving my children weird nicknames... I don't put any thought into these nicknames... they just come to me.  The day Deacon was born he got his nickname... and it stuck... same with Zac.  But the thing is... over time these nicknames get shorter and shorter.  Deacon is now affectionately called, "P" and Zac is called "Booch" {... and because I'm feeling adventurous I will give a Happy Birthday sign to anyone who can tell me what the original nicknames were for each kid based on "P" and "Booch"- first one to guess wins... but I'm not holding out hope on this one... especially since my mom and Damien cannot enter}

And of course-- pictures!

Deacon is currently pretty obsessed with Legos... and he's obsessed with the Lego website.  So he'll sit at his computer desk playing with Legos and watching the Lego videos online.  He's gotten so good at building things... His daddy (a Lego fanatic) is proud :) 

Zac LOVES Mickey as much as Deacon did at this age... we'll turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he squeals and laughs so hard.  Tonight we turned it on and he ran around looking for his Mickey doll... he couldn't stop hugging it and kissing it while he was watching the show.  


Laura said...

They are both so incredibly cute! I just want to give them hugs!

hiyaluv said...

aw! i want a mickey doll just like zac!

Natalie said...

I can totally relate with your #8 (and that rhymes.) I didn't know you could take away voice mail, but I admit I kind of like voice mail better than talking on the phone...you can find out what the other person wants (some of time time) and then decide if it's worth it to call them back.

Oh, and we hired a man from next door to be our gardener for about 30 dollars/month. He loves it as a hobby, and I've felt really good about my gardening skills ever since!