Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 on Tuesday - Deacon edition!

(since his birthday is this week... thought I would do a Deacon edition of 10 on Tuesday)

1. Deacon's name was originally Arthur James -- and we planned on calling him A.J.  We were "sure" this was going to be his name.  Around the 30 week mark I finally came to grips with my feelings... the baby in my tummy didn't "feel" like an AJ.  I felt horrible because the name Arthur James meant the world to me... I love that name- it just didn't fit.  So Damien and I went on the name searching journey again... the name Deacon came to us and we fell in love- but we went to the hospital with two names... Deacon & Liam.

2. Deacon is 100% a "mama's boy"- but his first word was "dada"... and it took him almost an entire YEAR to say "mommy."  For the first year of his life he called me "daddy" and "dada"- and in the middle of the night Deacon would cry "DADA!!!" so I would make Damien go in (since he was saying "daddy!")-- and oh my gosh, that would make Deacon SOOOOOO angry... he would start screaming even harder.  I was the only one who could calm him down.

3. Deacon didn't sleep through the night until he was 3 1/2 years old.

4. At the age of 2 1/2 Deacon came home from school and proclaimed that his favorite shape was a pentagon.  LOL

5. Deacon is one of the pickiest eaters I know... more so than me.  And he's always been that way.  I absolutely HATE when people say things like, "well, if he were my child he wouldn't be picky"- or when they say I should just "make him" eat what we eat.  As if it's that easy.  It's not just that he's picky, I think it's a texture thing with him too... if we can convince him to try something he thinks he doesn't like he will gag so bad he'll throw up.  His pickiness used to bother me... but I've come to grips with it.  I think it bothers other people more than it bothers me- which is so weird to me, LOL.

6. Deacon shares my taste in music... we both enjoy kid music like Laurie Berkner and The Wiggles... but what we LOVE is hip hop and pop music.  If you give him the choice Deacon will choose a hip hop song over a kids song any day.  And he won't go for the kid versions of the songs I love... he wants the real deal.  This is proving a challenge now that he actually can "get" the lyrics... so we have a lot of conversations about "not nice" words and such.  I am, however, really lucky that he convinces himself of what the "real" lyrics are... and there is no way I'm telling him he's wrong.  For example... the song "sexy chick"-- he think they're saying "sixteen chicks."  HA!

7. Deacon really has us spoiled when it comes to potty training... he was so easy to potty train.  I have friends who struggled endlessly with potty training... and it just came easily to Deacon.  Now, I'm not naive enough to believe it had much anything to do with me... so I'm simply terrified to potty train Zac- because I have a feeling my fiery red head is going to show me what potty training is really supposed to be like.

8. Deacon has an amazing memory... which is quite unfortunate sometimes.  For example... when he was two, Damien and I thought it was a good idea for him to go down a water slide-- we had assumed he could go down with Damien- but when they got to the top the lifeguard said Deacon had to go down on his own.  So I waited at the bottom of the slide... and watched as Deacon went down the slide- and he fell backwards and hit his head and then crashed into me.  Parents around us gasped- which made me feel like the worlds worst mother.  He was so upset... and I was more traumatized than him.  To this day, I STILL feel like shit about this... and to this day, Deacon STILL talks about the scary slide.  I will never live it down.

9. Deacon has lived in 4 different homes... 3 different cities... 2 states.

10. I cannot handle how much I love Deacon... how connected I feel to him.  He makes me a better person... he loves unconditionally... and he loves life.  His genuine smile when he's his happiest brings me to tears... it makes my heart skip a beat when I close my eyes and think of the moments when he has been his happiest.  He is always "on"- which is so not like me... and I have these moments of intense guilt that I don't have his energy... but he is so forgiving of me as I learn how to be a better mom to him.  He's a great little boy...   


hiyaluv said...

aw! you are one lucky mama to have such a fun boy!

Natalie said...

Hey, I'm not big on hip-hop, but I was thinking maybe you could (at least around Deacon) enjoy some Christian hip-hop? I don't know good artists (I'll ask around though) but I have heard of Toby Mac or this site: http://www.christian-hiphop.net/listen.asp

Adrianne said...

This was a great Tuesday list! Deacon is such a wonderful kid and you are a wonderful mommy!