Saturday, April 24, 2010

A new round of teeth

We JUST finished teething two top molars a couple days ago... I thought we would at least have a week off.  But nope.  Zac has been chewing on everything and has a low grade fever at all times... thankfully the grumpalump attitude hasn't caught on quite yet (at least no more so than usual).  Poor kid is just walking around with anything and everything in his mouth.  The issue is one molar on the bottom- his gums are swollen and there's a little hole that's starting.

I was thinking about it the other day... I swear, if adults had to deal with teething we would be on some type of heavy pain med.  But kids have to go through it with a measly dose of tylenol and/or motrin.  It sucks!

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Natalie said...

okay, so are you or are you not cloth diapering, and if you are what have you found to be the EASIEST method...have you tried gdiapers? I'm fed up with the new pampers.