Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My very first GIVEAWAY!!!

Ok, I've never done this before but thought it could have two outcomes:
1. It could be super fun, with lots of people participating and someone could win something really fun...


2. No one comments and makes me feel like the only people that read my blog are my mom, Aunt Chrissy & Regina.  {which I know isn't true since this month alone I've already had over 100 unique visitors to this site... just my own little pat on the back- makes me feel like less of a loser}

SO!  Here's the deal!

I found an adorable birthday sign on etsy the other day and wanted to copy it... there were a lot of them so it's not as if this is some unique idea here.  It didn't appear to be too hard to make so I presented the idea to my insanely talented mother who also loved the sign.

You see, we're big "birthday sign" sort of people... as indicated here.  So this is perfect for us.

My mom came into town last week and we went to the fabric store and found some great fabric at some amazing deals... and at this point (a week and a half later) we not only have one birthday sign- we have many.  And we have one that we haven't claimed as a gift for friends... so we decided to give it away to my loyal fans blog readers.

So how do you win this adorable birthday sign??? 

Just leave me a comment!!!  Oh... and it has to be something along the lines of how wonderful my mom is.  She made that part up... in fact, originally she wanted it to be a contest- whoever leaves the most flattering comment about her would win the sign.  I suggested that maybe that would be a touch too biased- and we should use a random generator... but that people could still leave lovely comments about her.  She finally gave in agreed.

Ok people- get to it.  You have until Sunday night around the time that I go to bed... so let's say around 10 p.m. PST.  Don't make a fool of me- COMMENT!

{this picture doesn't do it justice... it's a rather large sign and so cute.  the larger picture I took didn't turn out so well, so this is what you get.  Let's not be picky here... it's a giveaway.}

Fine print: 
You cannot win this contest if:
You are my husband
Your name rhymes with Latie Shangville
You are my father
If I have absolutely no clue who you are and you creep me out

The winner will be selected at random... I will post the winner on Sunday night along with my email address.  Said winner should email me address and we'll ship the sign the next day


Dawn H. said...

This is EXACTLY what I need for a certain little girl's 2 year old b-day party that's coming up!!!! Ahem, OK, here goes...I always look forward to your mom's visits. Not only is she hilarious and a joy to be around, she is always so thoughtful with the darling gifts she makes for all the kids each holiday. I proudly display her hand-made holiday gifts that I have collected over the years! Marty Rocks!!!

Beth S. said...

Your mom is awesome, and she has a great name ;). Your blog isn't too bad inspired me to start one, which I wrote on 3 times I think and haven't worked on since....maybe I need something more exciting to winning a birthday sign ;).

*Kelly* said...

I love when I get to run into your mom when we are in Huron, she CRACKS me and I so think she is good for my mother in law!! and I think she is so talented!!

Me said...

I love it! I absolutely love it. And you're a funny, funny girl, Amanda. Love your style. And therefore, your Momma MUST be great, too. Next time, she needs to come be IN the family photoshoot. Not just sit at home and cry through the slideshow. :)

Eikon Photography said...

Eikon gets to leave their own comment, too. Love from your friendly neighborhood portrait photographer. Mom. You're great.

Katy said...

Okay - - it's disgusting how long it's been since I've checked your blog. I feel like a major one-sided, jerk head, blogging friend. So when I saw the giveaway and how flipping cute that sign looks, I knew I must get over here pronto. And here's a few things to say:

*Girl, you are looking GOOD! I'm slowly but surely getting back into shape and seeing how great you look is great motivation!

*That horse head is fuh-reaking me out. I try to look at it for more than 5 seconds straight but then I must turn away out of sheer terror. Maybe we should all bid on the cute birthday sign with the money going to Zac's future therapy fund. :)

*I was happy to see you doing the whole 10 on Tuesday thing! Isn't it fun!?

*You've inspired me to do a little giveaway one of these seems fun! Not because anything I'd make would be particularly awesome in it's own right, but just because it's super fun to make stuff for people. Hmm....

Anyway, I don't know why I haven't checked here in a hundred years, but that will not happen again. The boys are looking as cute as ever!

(*if* I win, I'm having computer issues right now and have to wait until Landon gets home to bring his work computer with him for me to connect to the outside world, so if I don't respond right away...that's why)

Anonymous said...

We love it and it could very very well come in handy, say on July 7 or some future date when others are involved... Plus your mom is an excellent seamstress (sp??). My mother would hit my knuckles with a ruler for that one.. LOL

hiyaluv said...

I am glad that you are getting many lovely comments from your readers but I am jealous that my chances of winning a Mama Gerold creation have dwindled immensely. I was skeptical about what she was sewing in a photo in a past blog entry but thought perhaps it was something for the boys-never would I have guessed that it was for this GIVEAWAY!!!

Fingers crossed that I win so I could hang this gorgeous birthday sign up year round on Dave's bar in his man cave.

Do I get another entry if I tweet this giveaway?

I am Blessed Beyond Measure said...

So I want to win, because I am competitive. BUT! Here goes.

Dear Amanda's Loving and Spectacular Momma,
First, Thank you for having a daughter like Amanda. She is truely a blessing and a wonderful friend to me. Clearly, she gets that from you. I mean, where else would she learn such wonderful things?! So thank you for her.
Second, I am jealous. I want you to come visit me. I live in Central FL. I will take you to Disney World. I just want my mom to visit me so bad, and since she is physically unable to, I would like you to be her proxy. You seem like a kick ass mom.
Third, Can I get a picture of you in the horse head? I'm just saying.

So..... even if I don't win, can you make me a birthday sign? lol :)

In all seriousness, Amanda... you are truely blessed to have a mom like yours. And I am truly blessed to have a friend like you. :)
<3 Mags

Unknown said...

THAT IS SO CUTE!! That's all I have to say! And if I don't win, I may just have to attempt to make one myself! (I doubt it will be nearly as cute as yours though!) ;-)

Tracy said...

I read your blog. :) so it isn't just a few relatives that think you're neat.

Love the sign!

Ladyhobbes said...

Commenting :P hehe.. LOVE it! - Mel

Theresa said...

I agree with everyone's comments. Marty is the best mom and Grandma that anyone could ever ask for. In fact, I get quite envious sometimes and wish my own mother were around to see me and the kids like your mom is... my mom lives 6 miles away and your mom lives in Ohio, and you and the kids still see your mom more... Plus she is amazingly crafty to be able to put such cute crafts together for the kids all the time... I love you mom!!!

Unknown said...

You know, I stink at winning these things, BUT your mom rocks!!

Unknown said...

Ooh, that is adorable!!! What a cute giveaway. You and your mom are awesome!

Adrianne said...

So not true! I leave you comments all the time! I better win darnnit!!!!!!!!!! Plus Cole's 5th bday is coming up (which you should know because Deacon's is as well, tear) and that sign would be perfect!!

Lisa B. said...

OK - first me and your mom go WAAAYYYY back. She was the most fun and loving Girl Scout leader EVER! And, your blog is SO great that it has motivated me t ostart my own too! You have no clue how many people love your whole family! So... pplllllllease, pick me!!!

Lisa said...

That sign is ADORABLE!!! Marty never ceases to amaze me. She is not only amazingly talented and crafty, but also extremely generous with her time and talent. She has provided us with handmade crafts for the kids at the holidays each year, provided free babysitting services for the wary new moms, and she can chug a botle of budweiser like I've never seen before!!! Marty is always the life of the party...yaaaaay! Oh yeah, her finest accomplishment is, of course, raising one of the most fabulous women I have ever met, your sister! J/K, YOU! xoxo
I'm not just saying this to win the sign, but I hope I win it! Just think, no shipping cost!

Katie said...

I love it! You and your mom are SO talented! BTW, I know you from MO and Facebook- no creepy stalker here! LOL!

Kellie T. said...

That is adorable Amanda! I love it!! Your mom is a talented lady! :) What a great sign to be able to keep and use year after year! I may need to pay for one of those! and btw...your pics are fab! Love them!


kra said...

I want your mom as a grandma for my two boys! :-) I follow your blog when I remember to check them as I love watching your journeys!

Natalie said...

Your mom is awesome because she has taught hundreds of moms all across the planet how to sew, including me. My first ever sewing project was a black eighth note and she helped me go against the crowd when all the other "cool" girls chose to sew a normal square pillow. I will never forget her. Every time I attempt to sew anything from a button to a ripped hem, I remember Mrs. Gerold, the mother of all things domesticated. And I really really want that Happy Birthday sign. Please pick me.

Laurie said...

How cool! We have a string of birthday parties coming up... :)

OH, and your mom does rock! Totally.

Krianca said...

Marty is the hottest Grandma EVAR! Hows that for a post?
I dont want the sign, but I do agree that we should have a
fundraiser for Zac's therapy.

klatrinka said...

I think this is discrimination, and am planning to sue. But anyways, Marty is awesome, and my favorite memories of her are chasing Dan around your house with a hose (I was horrified) and also how cool it was that she took me with you guys to DC for History Day - that was the funnest trip ever!!