Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

This Easter was so much more enjoyable than last Easter.  Zac was pretty grumpy, but manageable... I just feel so bad because he's teething, but my goodness- it's exhausting!!!  So Zac is making it a tradition to spend Easter crying as much as possible ;-)

Deacon woke up at 6:30 and was beyond excited to see all the eggs that started at the door of his room and lead downstairs to where his baskets were hidden.  He found all 3 of his baskets in a matter of 5 minutes... I guess next year the Easter Bunny needs to do a better job hiding them.  The Easter Bunny heard that Deacon isn't a huge fan of candy so Deacon got a bunch of new Legos, a t-ball set and coins... along with the token chocolate bunny and random jelly beans here and there.  Zac got a bunch of new balls and a new car... which he played with all day long.

The highlight of the day was when we found the Easter Bunny hiding Easter eggs in our backyard.  Oh my gosh Deacon was beside himself.  It was so funny.  The kids got to love on the bunny for a little bit before she had to move on to the next house... Deacon was sad that Grandma had to miss the bunny- unfortunately Grandma was taking a nap when the bunny was here.  Dang!

My favorite picture is this first one- you can see my mom in Deacon's room trying to get out of bed... she was fast asleep when Deacon woke up and found all the hidden eggs and came to wake us up.  Deacon and my mom had a sleep over last night... lucky Grandma!

Well, it's early bedtime for both boys.  The goal is 7:30 for everyone under 5.

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I am Blessed Beyond Measure said...

My goal is 7:30 for me! :) I <3 to sleep!