Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good boys

They have both been so good the past few days since I've been home from my surgery.  I've been laid up on the couch and in bed since Tuesday when I got home... and it's been nice to know that they're not giving my mom and Damien too much trouble.  Deacon is obsessed with my bandaids... he wants me to take them off so he can see the incisions.  He also keeps asking why he has a gallbladder and I don't.  

My surgery went really well... I went in at noon and was waking up in recovery by 2 p.m.  I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and my throat hurt so bad... but that's all normal.  My recovery was quick and I was up and walking around by 3 and out the door by 4:15.  

Damien & my mom have been great... and I'm feeling really good considering.  I'm still not 100% - but that's ok... I don't have to be anywhere for work until Tuesday.

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hiyaluv said...

yay! so glad to know you are doing good! :) thanks for keeping us posted on your well-being! :)