Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun in downtown Sacramento

We went to a kids health fair today downtown... met up with a few friends, walked around, ate dinner, had fun.  It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a great time enjoying the weather.

* I love the picture of Deacon getting his face painted... he was VERY serious about the ordeal.

*The picture of Lisa holding Zac is also a favorite... he could not get out of her arms fast enough- and was pretty mortified that she and Greg would even attempt to hold him in the first place.  Oh the life of an overly anxious baby.  He loves to flirt, laugh, talk, etc... with anyone- but do not try to hold him.  

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Martha said...

Great pictures -- thanks, I needed this! I love the picture of Zac where his red hair is just glowing. And you're right; Deacon is just so serious in the face painting picture.