Sunday, April 11, 2010


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING!!! This was so much fun- my mom and I had a blast reading all the comments... and we're so excited to announce that there will be TWO, yes TWO, winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We've loved making these signs... and if anyone is interested in buying one, let me know- we have a couple different choices with fabric.

Thanks to for helping us randomly pick a number... and no, my mom did not pick her favorite comment- even if I would have let her it would have been too hard... though I do think she favored the comments that said how pretty she is.

So, without further ado... the winners!!!


Maggie- please email me... I don't think I have your address anywhere!!!
(Dawn... no need to send me your address, LOL)  


Dawn H. said...


Samantha said...

Boo. {But congrats to the winners!!} I totally read the post the other day, had to get up because Ellie was crying and forgot to come back and leave a comment. I gotta say though, they are darling! Good job to both of you! And yay for giveaways! I've had one of these on my "to make list" for a while now... my to-make-list is longer than I will ever have time for! ;)

Ladyhobbes said...

Congrats guys!!!

hiyaluv said...

well that blows. nah just kidding! congrats to the winners and congrats to you and Mama for having so much fun with this. How much are the signs and could you post pics? :) Are you going to start off a Peaie Cat Corner store on Etsy?

I am Blessed Beyond Measure said...

YAY!!! :) YIPPEE :)
I will Message you in a minute, but thanks to you and your Momma for making such fun and Awesome Signs! :)
And wow...That made my Monday! :)

I am Blessed Beyond Measure said...

So I received this yesterday, and How awesome is it? I am hanging it up tonight, and will take a picture. The kids asked me what we were celebrating... I said our very Merry UN birthdays. Any reason for cake is a good reason indeed :)

Thank you so much to you and your mom. This is GORGEOUS! :)