Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Damien and I did a body fat percentage screening at a health fair this week.  His was lower than mine.  I had a fit.  The ladies tried to talk me down, but it didn't help.  I don't care if women are supposed to have a higher body fat percentage than men... I still think it SUCKS.  And don't tell me it's because "women have boobs"- I won't even go into that one!!!  It SUCKS.  End of story.

2. The Mercury Retrograde is also really getting me down... Google it.

3. Zac's first official word was "up."  Deacon's first official word was "ball."

4. Zac's first official sign was "all done"- same as Deacon!

5. Damien has conversations with me in his sleep- and they always result in him getting indignant with me... and it's so confusing because I never know if he's awake or asleep... it doesn't help that I'm half asleep when all this is going on either.

6. I put Deacon into a lottery at the Spanish Immersion school-- he's nowhere near being at the top of the wait list... which is good since it further proves that he's meant to be where he's registered.  But it still made me a touch sad that we weren't called... I'm totally into the whole Spanish Immersion form of learning.

7. Today as I was walking in the rain and cold I decided I never want to move back to Ohio... unless global warming really takes over.  It doesn't help my decision when my mom tells me how nice it is outside- when it's a "lovely" 40 degrees and overcast.

8. Zac gets downright MAD when we don't let him take a bath with Deacon... we essentially give Deacon the choice of taking a bath with Zac or not.  Sometimes he says no, sometimes he says yes.  Tonight he said no... which resulted in Zac having a panic attack.  He would not calm down for anything and sat in his tub sobbing.  Finally Damien took him out of the tub and he ran into the other bathroom and nearly flung himself in the tub with Deacon... Thankfully Deacon is pretty nice and let Zac get in.  All was then well with the world.

9. Today I dressed Zac in Christmas jammies and matching Christmas slippers to wear to school.  He looked so funny and cute... the teachers all laughed and thought that Damien must have dressed him today.  HAHAHA!!!

10. For the first time since Damien and I got jobs at different Universities our travel schedules overlap... we'll both be out of town on the same date.  Thankfully our schedules only overlap one day... and even better, our daycare provider/good friend is pretty amazing and said she'd pick up the slack for us ;-)


hiyaluv said...

I had no idea that Damien works at a Univeristy! Which one? And the stories of the boys are always so funny-keep writing them! Perhaps you should write a book?!

And-I can't blame you about never wanting to move back to Ohio. It is depressing. My heart sinks every time I get off the plane in Columbus...unless it is college football season. :)

damien said...

UC of course... of the Davis persuasion.