Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. I worked out with a personal trainer for almost 2 years... and she was HARD.  I've been working out at a gym for more than 3 years now.  I have never thrown up during any of my workouts... until today.  I did a Boot Camp class.  On top of throwing up I also fell over while "shuffling" side to side.  I can manage to stay on my feet during yoga, pilates, hip hop, etc... but put me in a Boot Camp and I'm a mess.  I'm SO going back next week.

2. I went to the doctor on Monday to check on my kidneys.  The pee test was inconclusive... so I had to go in for an x-ray.  The x-ray was inconclusive as well... which is obnoxious... but on the phone my doctor said it was inconclusive because there was "stool" in the way.  I turned into a junior high boy and could not hold back my laughter.  I think I make my doctor uncomfortable.  And I also think this has become way too much information than most of you bargain for with "10 on Tuesday."

3. Zac has become the class clown at school.  He'll start yelling and flinging himself all over the place during reading time... when he's in his high chair he'll wave his hands in the air and throw food... or he'll put on hats and start yelling... It's comical and he loves the laughs it gets.

4. We've never had a jealousy issues with Deacon since Zac came along... until now.  Deacon never minded the "cute baby" attention Zac received... but when Zac gets the attention of people laughing and saying how funny Zac is, you can tell Deacon is jealous... which makes him act out to get extra attention- mostly he's trying to be funny... but he doesn't think before he acts so he'll do something inappropriate like throw a toy across the room while yelling like Zac.  He doesn't get why it's funny for Zac to do it and not for him.  And I'm not sure how to deal with this one... thankfully it's not that big of a deal though.

5. Tonight Deacon said he didn't want a birthday party or a birthday gift... all he wants is to buy Grandma a ticket to come back to California- and he wanted that as his birthday present.  My God he knows how to pull at those heart strings.  To make matters worse he then kept asking about Grammy, Grumpy and Grandpa- and if they could come to his birthday party.  He even went so far as to say those were the only people he needed to invite.  sheesh.

6. I went to an all you can eat sushi lunch today... I don't remember the last time I ate so much food... it was amazing.  And I even tried new things.

7. I cannot get over how much I love Glee.  It's not just one of those shows that I enjoy watching because it's cute, mindless, funny, etc... I really get into it.  I think the show is filled with great messages that apply to everyone.

8. Damien is in a beer club... and he's been an active member for about 2 years.  And in these two years he has not brewed beer one single time.  He blames it on lack of time.  I don't buy it.  I want him to brew more because I know how much he loves it... despite the fact that I cannot stand the smell of brewing beer.

9. Damien is an officer in said beer club... he's the Treasurer.

10. I simply cannot imagine life without two boys... even though it's exhausting and frustrating and somedays by noon I am counting down the hours until bedtime... I still love it.  When I was pregnant with Deacon I so badly wanted a little girl.  I actually cried when I found out he was a boy.  But when he was born it all changed... and when I was pregnant with Zac I found myself feeling like I should want a girl - but in reality one of the only reasons I wanted a girl was because I loved the girl names we had picked out... oh, and the girl clothes.  But I just love being a mom to boys.  One of my two best friends from high school come from an all boy family... and they adore their mom- I remember in high school being so amazed at how much they just loved their mom (not that we all didn't love our moms... but it was different with these boys).  And as I've grown up I've found that nearly all boys that come from all boy families are like this.  I obviously give this way too much thought... LOL.


hiyaluv said...

aw! boys are awesome!

as for the stool-lmao.

I LOVE boot camp class although I need to go more often-phenomenal. In no time you will be like-uh this is easy.

I can't blame Deacon for wanting Grandma around every second too. Seems like everything is better when she is around. :)

And-Damien needs to get on the brew brigade stat. I need pics of this treasury business.

Katy said...

All I want is Grandma around too. That would be my ideal birthday present (my siblings that live close to my mom have no idea how spoiled they are - spoi-led.)

I wanted Kyle to be a girl and I was tad disappointed at first, but I now am going to take whatever I get and say thank you whole-heartedly for it. By letting God decide, I get the two most wonderful little guys ever. If I always got want I think I want, I know now I'd miss out on something even more wonderful.

Lisa B. said...

OK - the throwing up comment was a little nasty... but knowing it was likely the all-you-can-eat sushi you at for lunch took it to a whole new level!

Oh, and I REALLY wanted Phoenix to be a girl - but I LOVE that I got a boy instead! Now, I'd LOVE to have another boy! They're just absolutely amazing!

Adrianne said...

Wow your 10 on Tuesday really touched me this week.

Cole wanted a family only party this year too. Must be a May 05 thing!!

Also I too LOVE being a boy momma.. Wouldn't want it any other way. Felt a twinge of sadness when we found a Cole was a boy while pg but have never looked back and have ENJOYED every tiring minute of my mommy QUEENDOM!!!

Martha said...

I'll tell you what -- being a Mama of a girl is wonderful. And now, being a Grandmama of boys is just the best of both worlds. Life is Good!