Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. When I laugh I snort... a lot.  To the point where people stare if I am laughing really hard.  My Grandma Gerold used to snort when she laughed- so it always reminds me of her when I do it.  And as I get older the snorting gets worse.

2. Whenever my mom and or dad leave after visiting for an extended period of time I wish we lived in Ohio.  It's truly the only time I ever wish we lived there again.  Sure I miss it at other times... but leaving my parents and seeing how sad it makes Deacon breaks my heart.

3. When my mom sneezes it could wake up the neighbors.  It is so loud and drawn out... I don't know how she does it.  It's a talent like no other.

4. Zac needs to figure out this sleeping through the night business... stat

5. The other day Deacon asked me a question about the poles in the North Pole.  So I asked him what poles he was referring to... and instead of explaining to me which poles, he, instead says to me- "mommy, a pole is a tall cylinder."  How does he know what a cylinder is???

6. I laugh when people fall or hurt themselves (no, not if they're really really hurt... just like if they trip and fall... something like that)-- and Damien gets SO mad at me for this.  Just the other night Zac beat Damien over the head with a wooden spoon, which made me laugh... and then I got yelled at.

7. We have ants.  I hate ants.  Deacon thinks they're fun.

8. Another reason I hate when my mom leaves is because it means that by this time next week we won't have any clean laundry.  My mom does laundry obsessively... and Damien and I both hate doing laundry.

9. On June 2 Deacon will have his first piano recital.  His song choice consists of 3 notes... C, D and E.  The song goes like this: C-D-E  C-D-E  C-D-E  CCC  So... who wants to come???  Let's hope admission is free.

10. My mom loves making up songs... she's been doing this since I was little.  They are the strangest songs, but they get stuck in your head like no other.  The funny thing is that out of every song the kids know and hear... most of the time they prefer these songs that my mom sings.  Titles include: "It die-dee changing time" (translation: It's diaper changing time), "I love my Grandma and my Grandma loves me," "I love you ba-ba's, oh yes I do."  The list could go on and on.  They're all sung ridiculously off key with overly exaggerated dance moves.  At least she doesn't sing "I like cheese in the morning" to the boys... she saves that for Milo the dog... and and Milo also gets the classic, "Milo, the big help dog."

And of course, your 10 on Tuesday picture... nakie bo-bo boy.


Unknown said...

That naked booty is scrumptious!

You should hear me sneeze! I could possibly compete with your mom!

hiyaluv said...

i think 10 on Tues. needs to be 20 on Tues. I am addicted and can't get enough. I am always laughing so much and I am even getting sad that Mom is leaving...

Ladyhobbes said...

Nekkid!!!!!!!!!! hehe :)

And I sooo feel you on the sleeping thing!

Adrianne said...

Love the naked hynie!