Monday, March 29, 2010

Going in for surgery... leaving Damien in charge

It's somewhat scary... but I'm leaving Damien in charge of the 10 on Tuesday (the March 30th edition) while I have surgery tomorrow.  I was thinking I might write it out tonight and publish tomorrow... or I would write them while doped up on pain killers... and I don't like either of those two options.  So, since Damien wants to be helpful, he's in charge.

Wish me luck... the next time I post I will be gallbladder-less. Fantastic. 


Unknown said...

Good luck!!

hiyaluv said...

good luck with the surgery & i am looking forward to damien's 10 on Tuesday debut! woot!

I am Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I would enjoy a version on~
High 10 on Tuesday!
High Times with Amanda
Dope ain't a joke
and lastly
I love Maggie.. She is Awesome.
Just Sayin.