Monday, March 15, 2010

Actual Birthday

So yesterday was Amanda's actual birthday. Having spent the entire weekend celebrating, we played it low key. Besides, neither of us was feeling that well. A nice Thai lunch and after the boys were in bed, we shared Amanda's favorite birthday cake, chocolate cake with her grandma's recipe caramel icing. Yum. (and of course, Amanda had to document it with a photo!)

Edited by Amanda:
And yes, we're eating cake in bed.  It was my birthday, I was tired and ready for bed... but still wanted cake.  So Damien brought me cake in bed.  Most people want breakfast in bed... I wanted cake in bed.  And Damien wasn't allowed to complain about the crumbs.  He's a good man.

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Lisa B. said...

You guys are too cute! Happy B-Day Amanda!!!