Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. I forgot to charge my ipod last night, despite the fact that I knew I would be driving 2 hours to the Bay today (and that's 2 hours IF there is no traffic)... when I got in the car and realized that sad fact I seriously cried.  Then I made fun of myself for crying over an ipod.  But I was still upset.

2. Ever since I met Damien and he introduced me to the wonderful world of WOOT! I have been obsessed with the illustrious bag of crap (BOC).  I have said for years now that all I want from Damien is a BOC... and guess what???  This past week he got me one.  I honestly believe that the universe was waiting for the perfect time for me to get this... and what better time for me to get my first ever BOC than for my 30th birthday?  Now, I'm assuming most of you don't know how much of a big deal this is... it's a HUGE deal.  Go ask any geek you know.

3. I think the birthday cake Damien made on Sunday night will be finished tonight.  I love that cake so much and I hate having to share it.  LOL

4. Tonight when I asked Deacon his favorite part of the day he said it was when they went to the park at school.  We had this conversation at dinner, so when I was tucking him in tonight I didn't feel like I had to ask him the same question again.  As I was leaving he got kind of upset with me and said... "mommy, aren't you going to ask me what my favorite part of the day was???"- so I apologized and asked him.  And he said, "my favorite part of the day was when I got to snuggle with you."  Oh my gosh I love him. (though I hear him upstairs in his room right now playing, even though he should be sleeping... I need to just keep replaying our loving conversation over and over in my head, LOL)

5. I told Deacon that his long hair makes him look like a ragamuffin... and he says that I'm wrong-- he looks like a rat.

6. Whenever I tell Deacon "no" he stomps his feet, rolls his eyes and says, "MOM! You NEVER let me!!!"  Oh the drama queen.  Where does he get it from?  I then proceed to explain to him that he must not understand the true definition of the word "never"- which of course he denies.  Then we end up in this huge discussion about whether or not he knows what the word "never" means... until I finally realize how ridiculous it is that I'm having this discussion with him!  Ugh, he's just like his daddy...

7. Zac is an amazing eater... I seriously had no clue how amazing it would be to have a child who will eat most anything you put in front of him.  Sure he has his picky nights- but for the most part, he'll try anything and more than likely will eat it all.  Maybe this is the norm... but after dealing with Deacon for all these years, this is heavenly!!!  (again, where does Deacon get his pickiness???  I'm stumped)

8. I love the smell of my house after a full day of having all the windows open.  And it doesn't get that smell until it's later on in the evening and dark... I can't explain it, but I love it.

9.  Zac is doing this super cute thing now... when you pick him up he pats you on the back and says "awwww!!!"  It's probably the cutest thing ever.

10. Being 30 seriously feels different than being 29.  It's so bizarre, but it does!!!  I don't feel OLD... but I do feel more adult-like.  Everyone is making fun of me about this... but come on!  30 sounds older than 29!!!  And yes, I know it IS older than 29... but when someone says they're 28 it doesn't make them sound that much older than if they were to tell you they were 27.  But if someone says they're 30 it has a totally different vibe than if they said they were 29!!!  STOP JUDGING ME!  Despite how crazy I may or may not sound... I seriously LOVE all of my friends and family for making my birthday special.


And what's a post without pictures??? (worthless if you ask my mother)  Zac LOVES music- so this toy is an absolute favorite with him since it plays music everytime you press a button, open a door, open a window, etc... In these pictures he would open the window and then sit back, clap, rock side to side and say "baahhhh baaahhhh" over and over again.  Way too cute.

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Martha said...

refer to #3 -- you are so your Father .... I LOVE my boys!!!