Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. When I go shopping I don't really try anything on or put too much thought into what I'm purchasing.  I buy almost everything I put in my cart and decide what to keep once I get home.  Then I return what I don't want.  The problem is that I don't have tons of time to do all these returns... so I have a shelf full of crap I need to return.  I get to it eventually... but it drives Damien crazy.

2. We've made a Kindergarten decision!!!  Deacon will be going to Alexander Twilight College Prep Academy.  It's a charter school located half way across town... the location isn't ideal, but it's a great school that I am very excited about.

3. There are 5 other kids from Deacon's daycare that will be going to this same school next year so we'll be involved in a carpool... Can you picture these 6 children in my Prius?  Yeah, me either.  So we're now in the market for a new "car."  I hate car payments and I'm SO not excited about this... but I am kind of excited about possibly getting a new car.

4. I sometimes stress over the dumbest things and exert way too much energy on those things... for instance, I am currently trying to figure out how to handle professional pictures with the boys.  When it was just Deacon we would do pro pictures once a year and every other year or so we did a family shot.  Now with Zac in the mix, I'm trying to figure out- do we do the one year shots at two different times for the boys?- which would mean two different sitting fees.  Or do we just do one sitting fee and get the shots done in April (Deacon bday is in May & Zac bday in March... April is middle, duh).  And then, do we do a family shot then too?  Do we get prints of the boys together or separate?  I'd do all of the above, but I don't want a million framed pictures all over my house.  See??? This is insane how much I'm thinking this through.

5. I hate tomatoes.

6. We did the whole CSA thing last week... and we're not sold.  I much prefer going to the Farmers Market.

7. I go in to talk to a surgeon tomorrow regarding my gallbladder... there is a part of me that is nervous that he won't agree to taking it out- and it's not like I NEED it to come out, but it's just causing some minor issues and if (this is a HUGE "if") I ever get pregnant again I cannot imagine doing an entire pregnancy with my current gallbladder... not gonna happen.  So I'm hoping he just is on board with taking it out.

8. I so want to learn photoshop, but I don't have the patience to do so... or maybe I'm too lazy.  Either way, I just haven't done it yet and I really really want to learn it.  I also want to learn how to make my blog look better.  I definitely get blog envy when I go to these really cool and fancy looking blogs.  I want that.

9. Deacon went to the dentist yesterday and he has no cavities!  Hooray!  But that was the last of the good news... poor kid has overly crowded teeth and the dentist said when he's about 9 we'll start the process of teeth extractions (yes, multiple), braces and retainers.  Ugh.  The kid has inherited the Gerold family luck with teeth.  Poor thing.

10. I've been putting off doing this list today because after reading about this little girl, almost everything in my life seems so trivial... This little girl inspires me a great deal... and her parents faith during the entire ordeal has been unbelievable.  (r.i.p. Layla Grace... 3/9/2010)


hiyaluv said...

Layla Grace-heartbreaking! Not sure how the parents have been able to stay so strong-I guess faith is an amazing thing.

In a way I am not upset to hear that CSA isn't that great because I was jealous I didn't have anything like that here. Jealousy is an evil thing.

Photoshop-I am dying to learn it also. Is that how you can make your blog look better? Is that what people use is photoshop? How does one learn photoshop? Damien could probably teach you, right? But are there classes for those of us who do not have husbands that are tech saavy? I have huge blog envy. I want my blog to look better too. And the plain font drives me mad.

i digress.

Adrianne said...

Wow Zac's bday already!!! Unbelievable!!.

And your list could be mine in so many ways...

Are our babies ready for kindy?

damien said...

So Photoshop is more of an artsy thing than a techie thing... I'm kind of at a loss on it too.

Lisa B. said...

Ooh! Photoshop well, as a graphic designer :) we learned using the Classroom in a Book series, which is published by Adobe. I highly recomment it for basic learning, etc. Then once you've got the basics from that, just do internet searches for ideas, tips, and tricks.