Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. I have read this blog entry close to 100 times in the past 24 hours.  It has motivated me to be a better person.  After I read the entry 10 or so times last night I was thrilled to hear Zac wake up and need me to come rock him back to sleep.  I thanked him for choosing me to be his mom.  (p.s. Do NOT read the blog entry I posted unless you are able and willing to cry...)

2. I just signed up for my first CSA box!!!  We got the box this morning and I have never been so excited to see kale, chard, apples, oranges, lemons, etc... Hooray!  I'm making soup tonight with the potatoes, onions and kale.

3. If I didn't have the mom I have, I would SO want Paula Deen to be my mom.  If she can't be my mom I think she should be my new BFF.

4. I love the face Zac makes when he cries.  It's the sweetest face.  It makes me laugh/smile when he throws a fit because the lip goes out and his eyes get so wide.

5. Deacon won a reading contest at school... whoever read the most books in the month of February won lunch at McDonald's.  The boy loves reading, but this put him over the edge.  He got his McDonald's lunch on Friday- it was the highlight of his week.  He's definitely competitive like his mama.

6. I have never eaten an olive, but I say I don't like them.  I'm just too scared to try them.  They look and smell horrid.

7. I hate camping but feel like it's something I need to give Deacon the opportunity to experience for himself. So we're going camping this summer... God help me.

8. I have only one major regret from college- that I didn't study abroad.  I didn't make a lot of smart choices in my early years, but I don't regret any of that... but I absolutely regret not taking the time to study abroad.  My best friend from college studied in England and I should have gone with her... I stress the study abroad program when I talk with students and parents.  I think it should be a priority.

9. Deacon is a sponge... and I have a horrible horrible potty mouth- not a good combination.  Anyway, we're really working with him on what constitutes a "bad" word.  The other day he was in the back seat and started saying "DAMN DAMN DAMN!"- so I turn around and calmly remind him that "damn" is a not so nice word... and in return he says in an extremely snotty tone, "Mommy, a DAM is where a beaver works!!!"  And we proceeded to have a discussion about the word "damn/dam"- reinforcing that Deacon is such a beautiful mix of both Damien and I.

10. Someday when I've got the time and financial ability, I want to start some sort of colic relief organization... it sounds silly, but I am so serious.  Zac was colic for 2 months and I could not have handled it as well as I did if it weren't for my mom being here with me.  I think there needs to be some sort of support group or organization in place for moms dealing with colic...

And because I can't post without a video/picture...

This video seriously makes me laugh so hard...


hiyaluv said...

Why didn't you study abroad with me?! I wish you would have too:( But didn't I come back and you were like engaged or something? :) :) :)

Also, the CSA box is so awesome! Sadly it looks like it is only a Cali thing. Am I right?! :( God, I miss Cali!

I am totally LOVING the 10 on Tues.

Heidi said...

Isn't it a good blog? I really love it!

Martha said...

I love your blog. If this is too much you could do Two on Tuesday! but i do love the ten on Tuesday

Unknown said...

Paula Deen ROCKS!!