Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We love nakie-ness!!!... and the ABC song

Zac is currently obsessed with the fridge letter magnets... particularly the piece that sings the "ABC" song.  If this boy is having a fit about anything, you can bring him down from the fit simply by singing the ABC song.  It's ridiculous... yet really cute.  Zac is quite the yeller... I've posted about this before- and he's not outgrown this.  We've all gotten quite used to it around the house... occasionally one of us (or all of us) will yell back at him- which always catches him off guard... but for the most part, we just ignore it and go about our business while Zac crawls around and yells at everything.

He's become quite the mover... and he's definitely moving into that stage where you don't know how to label him-- he's acting too old to be called "infant" and he's still too much of my baby to call him a "toddler."  So what do we call him???  I'm open to suggestions.  He is so mobile and crawls faster than most of us in the house can even run... and he always knows when someone has opened the door to the bathroom.  The boy LOVES to play in the toilet and gets very angry if you leave the bathroom door open but don't leave the toilet seat open.  The other day Deacon was in the bathroom washing his hands and I hear Zac crawling madly to the bathroom... and I said, "Deacon, where is Zac."  And as non-chalantly (sp????) as you can get, he says back, "Oh, he's in here... playing in the toilet."  So, of course, I said, "Deacon, did you flush?"... "No... and I went poop too!!!"  Great.  Needless to say Zac threw a massive fit when I drug him out of the bathroom to wash his hands.

... maybe I should have just stopped my blog post at the part where we were talking about how cute it is that he likes to hear the ABC song???


Unknown said...

My kids all loved/ love to be naked too. What's up with that?

Chantel said...

LMAO! No, you definitely should NOT have stopped at ABC's! (chuckle) The pics are adorable--and damn, I just want it to be warm enough to BE naked! (in pgh, 30+inches of snow and counting) Random blog hopping this morning.

Ummmm....a "Boddler?" no, sounds chubby and mean. How about "Taby?" wait--isn't that a cat? Guess you'll have to settle for "maddeningly lovable!"

Adrianne said...

These are the cutest pics EVER!!!! Definately need to be framed!

Annette said...

OH my! playing in the toilet! LOL!