Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our newest addition...

A keyboard!  My good friend Lisa signed her two girls up for a piano/music class- and I just had to get Deacon in there too.  I've been researching piano lessons for him, and this just sort of fell into our laps so I jumped at the opportunity.  Deacon, Lauryn and Ellie do a group lesson with Ms. Martha every Friday for an hour... and they love it!  It's really a great learning experience for Deacon and it's nice to see him appreciating music in a new way.  His piano teacher was selling their old keyboards, so Lisa and I jumped at that opportunity and we each bought one of them... Deacon & Zac are in absolute heaven.  I knew Deacon would really enjoy the keyboard being in the house, but I had no clue how much Zac would like it.  We made the piano low enough so he could reach the keys, and he just has so much fun pounding away!

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