Friday, February 26, 2010

My big boy

I do feel pretty horrible that I've not posted many any pictures of Deacon in the past 2 weeks... He's just at this age where he acts really weird when I bring out the camera... he sees the camera and he stops being cute and turns crazy... ok, he's still cute, but he just does the typical 5 year old boy thing I guess.  So in order for me to get a semi-decent picture of him I have to do things like, "hey Deacon, listen to mommy fart"- and then I make this stupid farting noise.  It is seriously the only thing that makes him laugh when I have a camera in front of my face.  He's such a boy.  We're going to be getting Zac's one year old pictures taken in a few weeks and I would like to get one of the two of them together... and I really don't want to have to talk about "farts" around the photographer.  LOL.  Oh and he really wants to grow his hair long... and it's driving me CRAZY!!!  It's all in his face and messy!!!- but it does look kind of cute sometimes... just takes effort.  I like when his hair is shorter and doesn't require constant brushing!

But here are a couple pictures of my big boy... who got very homesick last night at Tanier's house.  On the way home he told me he missed me and his sippy.  He's growing up, but he's definitely still my baby boy... talks of farts and all.


Martha said...

Thank-you! I love those boys!

Lisa B. said...

Great pics! Deacon & Zac are just absolutely adorable!

Annette said...

I know the feeling..I have a couple of buzz phrases that I use to get a chuckle out of Kyle!