Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is it Spring???

Notice the face??? He does NOT like the swing when he's being pushed more than just a little tap.

Again- not too happy to be swinging!!!  LOL

Ahh, this is MUCH better!

You would seriously think it was Spring with how the weather was today!!!  It was gorgeous!  We started the day off right by heading over to Davis for the Farmers Market... we bought way too much food and ate too much too, but it's hard to resist when it all tastes so amazing-- homemade Indian Food, pastries, honey, veggies, fruit-- I love it!!!  Then after naptime we headed over to the park down the street... there were so many families there so we had a lot of fun.  All in all, a great day :)


Lisa B. said...

Gosh... all that nice weather... WHY do I live in Ohio again?!!!

Unknown said...

These are FANTASTIC! And that swing looks like the BOMB!!