Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 on Tuesday

So it's no secret that I blog stalk... and a blog I stalk started doing something called "10 on Tuesday" (see Katy, you've inspired someone!!!).  I like the idea- and I can't promise how many weeks I'll actually do this... or even if I'll remember each Tuesday.  BUT, it's a good thought... and it increases the amount of information I share!- because I realize I don't do too many regular family updates too often anymore!!!  So here goes!

1. Deacon goes to kindergarten in August... and this is currently the biggest stressor in my life.  We will absolutely not send him to the school in our district- and trust me, this decision was not made lightly as I am a huge advocate of public schools.  Our #1 school choice is a charter school which is right down the street from us... the lottery is on March 8th.  Our lottery # is 132 and there are 279 kids vying for spots.  Please say prayers.  I won't be discussing our other kindergarten options because he WILL be getting into Westlake.  Period.

2.  When Deacon was the age Zac currently is (almost a year old) I thought Deacon was an absolute genius and so ahead of every single curve.  I look at Zac and still see an infant.  I thought Deacon was SO big boy and the minute he turned one I called him a toddler.  There is NO way Zac is a toddler.  He's a baby.  

3.  When Deacon was a baby we didn't have to baby-proof a single thing in the house... but with Zac we have to baby-proof EVERYTHING.  He is a climber, he gets into things, he eats anything that looks like it could go in his mouth, loves to play in the toilet, etc... It's insane and terrifies me.  

4.  Damien and I just started taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University -- I have wanted to take this class for a LONG time but always put it off... I thought- "we'll figure out our finances on our own".  Well, I'm waving my white flag and giving in to Dave.  We've taken one class and already have the motivation to save over $150 a month by doing things differently.  I really encourage you to check it out... DO IT!

5.  Zac has red hair... we're still really not exactly sure where it comes from entirely.  Damien has a bit of red tint, but because red hair is recessive it has to come from both sides... and I have no clue who has red hair in my family.  The red hair is a big annoyance though... I absolutely LOVE it... but I hate when people stop me at the grocery store and say something like, "oooh, red hair? where did THAT come from?"-- ugh. 

6.  I think I'm addicted to the internet.  No, seriously.

7.  Deacon is really showing an interest in reading... so we bought a bunch of site word books and we read one a night.  It's really testing my patience- and it's truly made clear why I am NOT an elementary school teacher.  Every night I have to take deep and remind myself that he's only 4.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's the honest truth.  He does a great job writing all these site words, but when it comes to recognizing them in a story he has a hard time... which is SO understandable and age appropriate.  I've also come to the conclusion that we should not be doing these site word books so close to bedtime... he's tired, I'm tired and we've both had long days.  BUT, on a positive note- he is doing really well and I am SO proud that he is SO interested in reading.  I make sure to applaud him every step of the way... I try my absolute hardest to shield him from ANY Frustration I have- and when he sees me frustrated I apologize and hug him tight.

8.  I have a tendency to talk too much... I really thought this 10 on Tuesday would be quick and simple- but I have a habit of making things long and drawn out.  I think it just goes to show I need to simplify my life.

9.  I want to become a group fitness instructor... either zumba or hip hop... but I'm terrified to go ahead with the training.  I have this fear of failure and I absolutely HATE looking like the dumbest person or being the most clumsy.  I would be so self conscious.  But it is a goal of mine to actually do this training at some point in the next couple of years... so I need to figure out a way to get over my fear.

10.  Zac recently learned to give kisses... and it never fails to amuse me greatly when he comes at me with his mouth wide open to give me a kiss.  I think he's probably one of the funniest babies ever.  

And because I think my mom would FLIP if I didn't post some pictures... here are a few pictures I took recently.  It's been so nice out so this past weekend Damien and I cleaned out the garage a bit... so we let Deacon play in the drive way and we threw Zac in the pack-n-play... yeah, Zac was NOT happy with these arrangements.  And my idiot ingenious husband decided it would be a great idea to put that chair in the pack-n-play... so our super climber could have better access to leaping to his demise.


Unknown said...

Those pictures are a hoot!

When Tucker was wee, his hair was really dark compared to the other kids and we'd get ALL kinds of mailmen comments.

Martha said...

I absolutely love Zac's tummy!! I sure would have liked to have seen a picture of Deacon, though. But I'll take whatever bone is thrown my way. So, thank you

hiyaluv said...

omg! you always have me in stitches! so what is this 10 stuff? just 10 random things? love it! :)

Samantha said...

Yay for FPU! ;)

And yay for 10 on Tuesday!!

Annette said...

I know you could be a Zumba instructor! Go Amanda!!