Sunday, February 28, 2010

... just your typical night in Huron, Ohio

So last night Deacon tells me that he was scared to go sledding... he did NOT want to go.  Well, he wanted to go to the snow, but he did not want to go sledding.  I knew this would probably be an issue seeing as though he's not a fan of rides, slides, etc... I figured sledding would be no different.  So all evening we're trying to convince him that it will be fun... but nothing is working.  And finally I had an epiphany.  

So I called my parents... 

Me: "mom, is it dark yet?"
Mom: "um, no... why?"
Me: "Deacon is scared of going sledding tomorrow and I need for him to see how much fun it is.  So I need you and dad to go outside and take pictures of you sledding and having fun."

My parents literally had 20 minutes before it was going to be pitch black outside... and they were in their pajamas (had just taken showers and eaten dinner).  So my dad runs up into the attic and finds my old sled and they both quickly change... just so they could go out into their front lawn and take pictures for my baby boy.

And it worked.  Today after sledding Deacon said that he wasn't scared "because of Grandma and Grandpa"-- and he said this with no prompting from me or Damien.  

See mom and dad- it was totally worth it.  Love you!!!

Fun in the snow...

Deacon's favorite part?  Snow angels and tubing.  Zac's favorite part?  Putting his face in the snow and eating the snow.  Happy day and good times in Tahoe.  I *so* do not miss snow and cold weather.  I was quite happy to get back home to 70 degree weather.

I love rainy days...

... they inspire silliness.

It's no secret that I find age 4 to be rather difficult...  Deacon is making up for lost time in the attitude department (yes, mom, I know, karma) and his favorite word is "why?" (followed, of course, by words such as "duh," "no," and the phrase, "I'll go ask daddy").  But there are moments when I forget about all these frustrations-- today was full of those moments.

After convincing Deacon to let me trim his bangs and the back of his hair I took him up for a bath... and when he got out he wanted my hair towel and my robe (he LOVES to wear my robe).  We were both laughing so hard- so I had to get my camera... and that's when things got hilarious.  This boy hammed it up beyond belief.  We were both laughing so hard.

I just love this boy of mine...

Friday, February 26, 2010

The other big boy...

(isn't he the big help boy?)

My big boy

I do feel pretty horrible that I've not posted many any pictures of Deacon in the past 2 weeks... He's just at this age where he acts really weird when I bring out the camera... he sees the camera and he stops being cute and turns crazy... ok, he's still cute, but he just does the typical 5 year old boy thing I guess.  So in order for me to get a semi-decent picture of him I have to do things like, "hey Deacon, listen to mommy fart"- and then I make this stupid farting noise.  It is seriously the only thing that makes him laugh when I have a camera in front of my face.  He's such a boy.  We're going to be getting Zac's one year old pictures taken in a few weeks and I would like to get one of the two of them together... and I really don't want to have to talk about "farts" around the photographer.  LOL.  Oh and he really wants to grow his hair long... and it's driving me CRAZY!!!  It's all in his face and messy!!!- but it does look kind of cute sometimes... just takes effort.  I like when his hair is shorter and doesn't require constant brushing!

But here are a couple pictures of my big boy... who got very homesick last night at Tanier's house.  On the way home he told me he missed me and his sippy.  He's growing up, but he's definitely still my baby boy... talks of farts and all.

We sure do know how to have the good time...

So last night Damien and I got to spend 6 hours in the ER... and honestly, it wasn't a horrible time.  There are little t.v. screens in every "room"- so we got to watch Phinneas & Ferb :)

Anyway... the purpose of our visit?  Kidney stones & Kidney infection for me.  The picture was taken post-pain killers.

We got to the ER around 7 and left around 12:30 a.m.  We are so lucky to have amazing friends... we just took the kids over to Tanier's and she put them to bed over there.  They were entirely confused when we picked them up in the middle of the night, but thankfully both of them went right back to bed the minute we got home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 on Tuesday

So it's no secret that I blog stalk... and a blog I stalk started doing something called "10 on Tuesday" (see Katy, you've inspired someone!!!).  I like the idea- and I can't promise how many weeks I'll actually do this... or even if I'll remember each Tuesday.  BUT, it's a good thought... and it increases the amount of information I share!- because I realize I don't do too many regular family updates too often anymore!!!  So here goes!

1. Deacon goes to kindergarten in August... and this is currently the biggest stressor in my life.  We will absolutely not send him to the school in our district- and trust me, this decision was not made lightly as I am a huge advocate of public schools.  Our #1 school choice is a charter school which is right down the street from us... the lottery is on March 8th.  Our lottery # is 132 and there are 279 kids vying for spots.  Please say prayers.  I won't be discussing our other kindergarten options because he WILL be getting into Westlake.  Period.

2.  When Deacon was the age Zac currently is (almost a year old) I thought Deacon was an absolute genius and so ahead of every single curve.  I look at Zac and still see an infant.  I thought Deacon was SO big boy and the minute he turned one I called him a toddler.  There is NO way Zac is a toddler.  He's a baby.  

3.  When Deacon was a baby we didn't have to baby-proof a single thing in the house... but with Zac we have to baby-proof EVERYTHING.  He is a climber, he gets into things, he eats anything that looks like it could go in his mouth, loves to play in the toilet, etc... It's insane and terrifies me.  

4.  Damien and I just started taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University -- I have wanted to take this class for a LONG time but always put it off... I thought- "we'll figure out our finances on our own".  Well, I'm waving my white flag and giving in to Dave.  We've taken one class and already have the motivation to save over $150 a month by doing things differently.  I really encourage you to check it out... DO IT!

5.  Zac has red hair... we're still really not exactly sure where it comes from entirely.  Damien has a bit of red tint, but because red hair is recessive it has to come from both sides... and I have no clue who has red hair in my family.  The red hair is a big annoyance though... I absolutely LOVE it... but I hate when people stop me at the grocery store and say something like, "oooh, red hair? where did THAT come from?"-- ugh. 

6.  I think I'm addicted to the internet.  No, seriously.

7.  Deacon is really showing an interest in reading... so we bought a bunch of site word books and we read one a night.  It's really testing my patience- and it's truly made clear why I am NOT an elementary school teacher.  Every night I have to take deep and remind myself that he's only 4.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's the honest truth.  He does a great job writing all these site words, but when it comes to recognizing them in a story he has a hard time... which is SO understandable and age appropriate.  I've also come to the conclusion that we should not be doing these site word books so close to bedtime... he's tired, I'm tired and we've both had long days.  BUT, on a positive note- he is doing really well and I am SO proud that he is SO interested in reading.  I make sure to applaud him every step of the way... I try my absolute hardest to shield him from ANY Frustration I have- and when he sees me frustrated I apologize and hug him tight.

8.  I have a tendency to talk too much... I really thought this 10 on Tuesday would be quick and simple- but I have a habit of making things long and drawn out.  I think it just goes to show I need to simplify my life.

9.  I want to become a group fitness instructor... either zumba or hip hop... but I'm terrified to go ahead with the training.  I have this fear of failure and I absolutely HATE looking like the dumbest person or being the most clumsy.  I would be so self conscious.  But it is a goal of mine to actually do this training at some point in the next couple of years... so I need to figure out a way to get over my fear.

10.  Zac recently learned to give kisses... and it never fails to amuse me greatly when he comes at me with his mouth wide open to give me a kiss.  I think he's probably one of the funniest babies ever.  

And because I think my mom would FLIP if I didn't post some pictures... here are a few pictures I took recently.  It's been so nice out so this past weekend Damien and I cleaned out the garage a bit... so we let Deacon play in the drive way and we threw Zac in the pack-n-play... yeah, Zac was NOT happy with these arrangements.  And my idiot ingenious husband decided it would be a great idea to put that chair in the pack-n-play... so our super climber could have better access to leaping to his demise.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Originally Damien and I had planned on staying in tonight for Valentines Day... but then I won tickets to a charity event hosted at a little restaurant in Roseville called Basic.  The fundraiser was for an organization called "Me-One Foundation"-- and it was such a touching evening.  We had a great time, but were so inspired by the people we met.  Many of those in attendance were people affected by cancer, who have been helped by this foundation... They had a simple message... live in the moment.  We are blessed daily by everything and everyone... and this organization seeks to teach people that even cancer can be a blessing- which is amazing to hear out of the mouth of someone with stage IV cancer.  

The Me-One Foundation seeks to help ADULTS that are fighting cancer... the event tonight was to help fund a camp they put on every summer for the families that are affected by the adult in their life who has cancer.  Please take a minute to read about this foundation... and if you can help them out, do so.  If you live in the area, I know they have other fundraisers, to maybe check them out. 

So on this Valentines Day, please remember to be thankful for the blessings in your life... no matter what you have going on in your life right now, there are always blessings, and I encourage you to stop and think about them and be thankful.  

Love you all my blogger family... 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is it Spring???

Notice the face??? He does NOT like the swing when he's being pushed more than just a little tap.

Again- not too happy to be swinging!!!  LOL

Ahh, this is MUCH better!

You would seriously think it was Spring with how the weather was today!!!  It was gorgeous!  We started the day off right by heading over to Davis for the Farmers Market... we bought way too much food and ate too much too, but it's hard to resist when it all tastes so amazing-- homemade Indian Food, pastries, honey, veggies, fruit-- I love it!!!  Then after naptime we headed over to the park down the street... there were so many families there so we had a lot of fun.  All in all, a great day :)

Our newest addition...

A keyboard!  My good friend Lisa signed her two girls up for a piano/music class- and I just had to get Deacon in there too.  I've been researching piano lessons for him, and this just sort of fell into our laps so I jumped at the opportunity.  Deacon, Lauryn and Ellie do a group lesson with Ms. Martha every Friday for an hour... and they love it!  It's really a great learning experience for Deacon and it's nice to see him appreciating music in a new way.  His piano teacher was selling their old keyboards, so Lisa and I jumped at that opportunity and we each bought one of them... Deacon & Zac are in absolute heaven.  I knew Deacon would really enjoy the keyboard being in the house, but I had no clue how much Zac would like it.  We made the piano low enough so he could reach the keys, and he just has so much fun pounding away!

Valentines Day Craft

Instead of buying Valentines Day cards for Deacon to pass out at school this year, we made a little craft-- melted crayon hearts.  Once the crayons were made and ready to go, I printed out the directions and attached them to the bag.  Deacon had fun doing it... and the hardest part about the whole process was removing the paper from the crayon.  Remember the days when you could just tear apart that paper so easily?  Yeah, those days are long gone because Crayola now puts glue on the paper, making it much harder to rip it off!  The nerve.

Anyway, it was really easy (other than the paper debacle), so I recommend trying it sometime!!!

Step 1: Figure out a way to take the d@mn paper off the crayons.  This step took us the longest.  Oh, and we excluded brown and black from the mix... sorry to discriminate.  

Ooohhh, pretty.  Step 2: Separate the crayons from the paper... seems obvious.

Step 3: Beat the crayons with whatever you want.  Have fun.  Beating them with a potato masher is much more fun than just breaking the crayons apart.

Step 4: Put the crayon pieces into the METAL tins (NOT silicone).  Here's a hint- don't put a minimal amount of crayons into each heart... the wax melts down, so just fill the tins all the way up.  The oven should be set to 250 degrees.  Keep them in the oven for at least 10 minutes... I ended up taking ours out of the oven at the 12 minute mark.  Just go see if they're melted... if they're not, keep them in there longer.  Don't go crazy.

Step 5: Take them out of the oven and let them cool.  Here's another tricky part... well, it honestly didn't have to be tricky... but Damien and I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be.  So, the heart crayons don't easily fall out of the tin... so Damien got the brilliant idea of using the blow torch on the back of the tin to 'melt' them out.  The idea wasn't half bad... but I'm sure you can guess that the idea wasn't fool proof either.  In the long run we ended up banging the tin on the counter really hard and the crayons popped out.  Yeah, not sure why we didn't try that first.

Step 6: Admire your finished product... oh, and if you're a perfectionist (which I am not... well, I am sometimes... but not when it comes to Valentines Day crafts which will be handed out to a bunch of kids under the age of 5), you can smooth out the rough edges on a piece of scrap paper.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We love nakie-ness!!!... and the ABC song

Zac is currently obsessed with the fridge letter magnets... particularly the piece that sings the "ABC" song.  If this boy is having a fit about anything, you can bring him down from the fit simply by singing the ABC song.  It's ridiculous... yet really cute.  Zac is quite the yeller... I've posted about this before- and he's not outgrown this.  We've all gotten quite used to it around the house... occasionally one of us (or all of us) will yell back at him- which always catches him off guard... but for the most part, we just ignore it and go about our business while Zac crawls around and yells at everything.

He's become quite the mover... and he's definitely moving into that stage where you don't know how to label him-- he's acting too old to be called "infant" and he's still too much of my baby to call him a "toddler."  So what do we call him???  I'm open to suggestions.  He is so mobile and crawls faster than most of us in the house can even run... and he always knows when someone has opened the door to the bathroom.  The boy LOVES to play in the toilet and gets very angry if you leave the bathroom door open but don't leave the toilet seat open.  The other day Deacon was in the bathroom washing his hands and I hear Zac crawling madly to the bathroom... and I said, "Deacon, where is Zac."  And as non-chalantly (sp????) as you can get, he says back, "Oh, he's in here... playing in the toilet."  So, of course, I said, "Deacon, did you flush?"... "No... and I went poop too!!!"  Great.  Needless to say Zac threw a massive fit when I drug him out of the bathroom to wash his hands.

... maybe I should have just stopped my blog post at the part where we were talking about how cute it is that he likes to hear the ABC song???


In these pictures Deacon (first two pictures) was 7 months old & Zac is 11 months old.

My bestest boys