Friday, January 1, 2010

A year in review...

I have such a hard time remembering life without TWO little boys... but just last year my now 10 month old was kicking away in my tummy.  How quickly life changes... and how quickly we adapt to those changes.  

Happy New Year friends and family... thank you for being a part of our journey throughout the year.  I hope 2010 brings you much deserved happiness.  

Here is my year in review... I really enjoyed doing this last year- and this year proved no different.  I cried almost the entire time looking back on this past year-- from my pregnancy, to the birth of Zachary, to dealing with colic, to getting rid of Milo, to just lazy days... I am so blessed.

{It's SO late... and Damien is telling me it's time for bed... so I will add my year in review tomorrow}

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