Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wild Animal Park

The Wild Animal Park was really neat... the adults in the group definitely enjoyed it more than the kids- but Deacon did think it was kind of neat.  The animals are in an environment that closer matches their natural habitat... which is neat to see.  It allows you to get really close to the animals too.  Everyone (except me) got the chance to feed the Lorakeets (sp?)-- I was really proud of Deacon for doing that... since the minute you walk into the exhibit with that food the birds go crazy.  I was brave enough to jump in, take a few pictures and then run out.  I was also REALLY brave when I fed the ducks (as you can see in the picture... didn't I look brave?).  Zac enjoyed the Wild Animal Park because he ate ice cream for the first time... and cried HARD when it was all gone :)


Annette said...

I love the ears!!!

Lisa B. said...

Ha! The lorakeets scare the crap outta me! Your mom is SO brave! And, nice giraffe pic!