Saturday, January 9, 2010

Waiting to go to the airport... with a trip to Balboa Park

We had to check out of our hotel by 2 on Friday and our flight didn't leave until 6:15... so we took a trip to Balboa Park to play! The boys had SO much fun running around and being free for a couple hours. A GREAT way to end our perfect family vacation.

Oh- while we were gone Zac learned a new trick... he waves "bye bye" now and says it too!!! Granted, "bye bye" is just a continuous "bye bye bye bye bye" to him... but he's close!-- and it's cute!

Editors Note: Just moments after the last picture was taken, Deacon was barreling down the hill you see him starting down just slightly faster than his legs could take him. Thankfully, though it ended in a fall, he was able to get up with his usual "I'm okay" yell.

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Annette said...

I love all of you in the playground chairs..!! Love your mom's expression!