Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sea World: Take 1

By far one of the BEST days... Sea World!!!  I absolutely LOVED Sea World... Oh gosh I was like a kid on Christmas morning.  The coolest thing we did was eat lunch with Shamu-- we had a table right next to the water and got to watch a trainer work with the whales.  At one point the whale jumped on the ledge right next to our table... we got wet-- which did NOT make Zac very happy :)  It was super cute, though, because everytime we would all clap Zac would start clapping too.

Every morning the flamingo staff takes the flamingos on a walk around the park and they stop at a little grassy area.  You're allowed to sit down on the grass area and let the flamingos come to you... well, they LOVED Damien... at one point there were two flamingos seriously fighting over who got to chew on Damien's hair.  LOL.

We also did a Behind the Scenes Tour-- this was pretty neat, as it gave us the opportunity to pet a shark and get really close to the Dolphins behind the scenes.  We also got the chance to get up really close to a few rescued Sea Lions and otters too.

This was a VERY cool day... I <3 Shamu.

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Annette said...

wow I didn't know you could get so close to the flamingos!! Great pictures as always!!