Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun w/Grandma

We sure do LOVE having Grandma here... it's why I haven't taken many pictures-- I'm just really enjoying having my mom here.  The boys are LOVING the added attention too... and even though Zac was skeptical of this crazy lady at first, he's grown to absolutely adore her.  Tonight while mom was holding him I reached out to take him from her and he SHOOK HIS HEAD NO and pulled away from me!!!  THE NERVE!!!  He redeemed himself later when he did the same to Grandma while I was holding him.  Anyways- we have another week and a half with Grandma!  YAY!

(p.s. Grammy & Grumpy... can you guys show this post to Margie & Lynn?  This is the Laugh & Learn Home they bought Deacon 5 years ago.  Next to the little "radio" you got Zac for Christmas this is his favorite toy!!!  Nothing else we have owned for the boys has gotten this much good use!  Huge hugs and thanks to them!)

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Annette said...

He sure loves his grandma!!