Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Grammy

So, yesterday was my mother's birthday, but I was in Tucson. So Amanda videoed the boys wishing "Grammy" a happy birthday... but forgot to upload it. So I'm uploading it now since Amanda's in Oakland.

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our foster dog...

Woody was able to be a member of our family for a few more days-- and we had SO much fun with him.  He fit right in with our family.  The second day we let him come over to play he ran right upstairs and got in bed with my mom... and then left her bed to jump onto my bed.  He made himself quite comfortable.   Unfortunately Damien is really handy and was able to fix the fence pretty quickly... so Woody doesn't come over to our house anymore during the day-- and that makes me and Deacon really sad.  I think Zac was even starting to like Woody.

I knew it was a little too quiet downstairs

... especially when I discovered the box of tissued emptied out onto our living room floor.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tucson Panorama

A quick panorama from my hotel room balcony just after sunset here in Tucson.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More fun with a laundry basket

So Deacon was trying to be funny in the laundry basket... and then tipped himself over.  Oh gosh I laughed so hard.  I'm one of those people that laughs when someone falls down or does something stupid-- I know it's horrible of me, but I just started laughing so hard.  Thankfully no one was hurt, LOL.

Fun w/Grandma

We sure do LOVE having Grandma here... it's why I haven't taken many pictures-- I'm just really enjoying having my mom here.  The boys are LOVING the added attention too... and even though Zac was skeptical of this crazy lady at first, he's grown to absolutely adore her.  Tonight while mom was holding him I reached out to take him from her and he SHOOK HIS HEAD NO and pulled away from me!!!  THE NERVE!!!  He redeemed himself later when he did the same to Grandma while I was holding him.  Anyways- we have another week and a half with Grandma!  YAY!

(p.s. Grammy & Grumpy... can you guys show this post to Margie & Lynn?  This is the Laugh & Learn Home they bought Deacon 5 years ago.  Next to the little "radio" you got Zac for Christmas this is his favorite toy!!!  Nothing else we have owned for the boys has gotten this much good use!  Huge hugs and thanks to them!)


Deacon & Zac *LOVE* when Damien plays airplane with the laundry basket.  It is seriously the highlight of their day (yes, we lead sad lives, LOL).  Tonight when we got done playing airplane (and by "we," I mean, "Damien") Zac flung himself on the ground next to the laundry basket and cried-- and then proceeded to push the laundry basket to Damien sobbing the whole time.  SO pathetic... and SO funny.

What happens when it's really windy in Sacramento?

Well, first of all... our fence blew down.  Then the neighbor dog start howling and barking at us (and the fence).  So mom and I felt sad for the dog (whom we named Lassie) so we threw him some chicken to make him like us better.  Then Lassie REALLY liked us... so he came over to our house to join us for an afternoon in the warmth of a house (he has to stay in the garage while his daddy goes to work all day).  Lassie was a very well behaved boy and even helped mom clean the oven.  When Deacon got home he was SO excited to play with Lassie... they had a great time together.  Zac's reaction to Lassie was hilarious- he hasn't spent too much time around animals, so he just kept yelling at Lassie for the first 10-15 minutes.  Everytime Lassie would come over, Zac wouldn't be so brave and would actually start crying, LOL.  Eventually Zac warmed up and he and Lassie became good friends.  Around 5:30 Damien noticed our neighbor get home so Lassie (aka Woody) had to go home... which was very sad for all of us (including Deacon, who cried).  But I'm sure Lassie will be back tomorrow since the fence isn't fixed and our house is MUCH more fun and warm than a garage.


Yes... I do have a pretty sweet husband :)  <3 you

This boy sure does love climbing stairs...

Hide-N-Seek... w/Zac

Tonight Deacon and Grandma were playing hide-n-seek... Deacon wanted to hide in Zac's crib- great place, huh?  Well, Zac was REALLY confused with why Deacon was under a blanket in his crib... he kept hitting Deacon and looking all over for him.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Praise Over Due

This has been a long time coming. I just want to do a brief post about
Amanda, the author of about 99% of this blog. You may know her as the
author of this blog, but there's so muh more. She works a full time
job which entails a fair amount of travel. She makes dinner most
nights of the week, and not just simple dinners. She researches and
plans new dinners all the time. She's involved in our budget. She
works out regularly. She is a wonderful mother and an awesome wife
that I'm not always worthy of. So I just wanted to publicly
acknowledge her and thank thank her for who she is and what she does.

I love you, Amanda... more than you'll ever know.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

LOTS of new posts

So we just got back from our amazing family vacation to San Diego... THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!  (and thank you shampoo!!!)

Get ready for lots of pictures and posts... and don't forget to check on the next page-- I think some of my posts got bumped to the second page since there are so many!!!

Waiting to go to the airport... with a trip to Balboa Park

We had to check out of our hotel by 2 on Friday and our flight didn't leave until 6:15... so we took a trip to Balboa Park to play! The boys had SO much fun running around and being free for a couple hours. A GREAT way to end our perfect family vacation.

Oh- while we were gone Zac learned a new trick... he waves "bye bye" now and says it too!!! Granted, "bye bye" is just a continuous "bye bye bye bye bye" to him... but he's close!-- and it's cute!

Editors Note: Just moments after the last picture was taken, Deacon was barreling down the hill you see him starting down just slightly faster than his legs could take him. Thankfully, though it ended in a fall, he was able to get up with his usual "I'm okay" yell.

Sea World: Take 2

Doing Sea World in one day is next to impossible... so today we went back to feed the dolphins, bat rays and sea lions.  SO FUNNNN!!!-- well, except when we fed the Sea Lions and the seagull attacked me for the fish-- that's when I screamed my head off, sacrificed Deacon to the birds and ran away.  Mother of the year, right here.


If any of you read zoo news, you would know that the baby panda at the San Diego Zoo made his debut this past Friday.  We saw it on the news so we decided we needed to go back just to be able to see this.  So mom, Deacon and I went back to the zoo and braved the crowds of others wanting to do the same thing as us.  It really was a neat thing to do-- even though mom and baby were sleeping, they were still adorable.  And on our way out we got the chance to see a mommy and baby monkey... the baby kept coming back and snuggling with the mom everytime s/he would get scared.  All these babies!!!  Too cute.

Fleet Science Museum

Damien, Dad, Deacon and I went to the hands on science museum... it was a neat little museum, though not as cool as Cosi (a reference for all you Ohio people).  Deacon had a great time just running around touching everyhing... definitely a fun place for kids.  Dad and Damien also enjoyed getting the chance to make music and throw things around too... I felt like I had taken 3 kids to the museum ;-)

Fun at the hotel

Zac was such a trooper on this trip.  We messed with his nap time, his feeding schedule-- everything... but he was still in such a good mood.  So we rewarded him by letting him just letting him hang out at the hotel tonight and play ;-)

Sea World: Take 1

By far one of the BEST days... Sea World!!!  I absolutely LOVED Sea World... Oh gosh I was like a kid on Christmas morning.  The coolest thing we did was eat lunch with Shamu-- we had a table right next to the water and got to watch a trainer work with the whales.  At one point the whale jumped on the ledge right next to our table... we got wet-- which did NOT make Zac very happy :)  It was super cute, though, because everytime we would all clap Zac would start clapping too.

Every morning the flamingo staff takes the flamingos on a walk around the park and they stop at a little grassy area.  You're allowed to sit down on the grass area and let the flamingos come to you... well, they LOVED Damien... at one point there were two flamingos seriously fighting over who got to chew on Damien's hair.  LOL.

We also did a Behind the Scenes Tour-- this was pretty neat, as it gave us the opportunity to pet a shark and get really close to the Dolphins behind the scenes.  We also got the chance to get up really close to a few rescued Sea Lions and otters too.

This was a VERY cool day... I <3 Shamu.