Sunday, December 20, 2009

Zac update

So as I stated a few posts back... Zac has quite a few new "tricks" up his little sleeves.  I thought I would try and document them here for you--

First off, he loves to YELL.  He yells all.the.time.  Just stands there yelling... and then laughing at himself occasionally.  So we've all started yelling back at him-- which he thinks is pretty funny (most of the time)... though originally he was quite taken aback by it all.

He's also feeding himself now!!!  I can't believe he's old enough to do this... it baffles me.  He loves to feed himself though- which is also something Deacon NEVER did this early.  Zac LOVES cheerios and veggie straws (you know, the "healthy" chips, right mom?).

Zac LOVES the Christmas tree and spends a good amount of time pulling off all the bottom ornaments... thank goodness for cloth ornaments :)

Zac is quite the big help... but more importantly, he is quite mobile and loves to pull himself up on everything.  The other day Damien was setting up the t.v. and Zac insisted on helping

And lastly- I think it's time to put in the baby gate by the stairs...


Martha said...

I love those boys! Thanks for the pictures -- it was the best birthday gift I could have gotten, along with the bling dominoes, of course.

Anonymous said...


Samantha said...

Oh my goodenss, I LOVE those photos! Especially the one of him on the stairs and Damien "yelling" with him!