Saturday, November 14, 2009

What it's really all about...

Deacon's best friend on the team, Martin-- one of our star players

The little boy sitting in front of the goal was a serious crack-up.  When the coach put him in, he would either sit down somewhere on the field or run randomly all over the place.  So funny.  

The pictures of Zac make me laugh too... poor thing was so cold.  Marty is such a good daddy- he took Zac from me and made a little hat out of Martin's shirt :)  Zac was very pleased with himself.

After a not so great experience a few weeks ago on the soccer field, it's been nice to have the past couple of weeks go by so smoothly.  Today's game, however, really was a true testament to what U6 soccer is all about.  In the first 10 minutes of the game our team scored 2 (or 3?) goals... pretty easily.  It was pretty clear, by the middle of the game, that the kids on the other team were very new to the sport.  I had to laugh because it was a team filled entirely with kids who play at Deacon's level.  Not that Deacon isn't good... he's just one of the youngest on our team- one would expect that he isn't the best!  As the game progressed the parents on both sides of the field were cheering for both teams- every kid who did well got cheered for- by everyone.  Each child who ran off the field got cheered for by each team coach.  I'm sure a bystander would have had no clue which parents belonged to which team.

Anyway... it was clear the kids on the other team were a bit down about not scoring a goal yet- so Damien took our kids aside and told them we were playing a new game-- instead of trying to score a goal, we were just going to practice playing keep away... that way the other team had a better chance of scoring.  Damien then took our best players aside and told them that we wanted the other team to have a good chance of scoring a goal.

Then the cutest, most amazing thing happened... our best player, Turner, helped the other kids in getting a goal.  It wasn't obvious to the kids on the other team... but it was obvious to us since we know that Turner doesn't just miss the ball when it's kicked by him :)  When the other team scored a goal, Turner... along with EVERYONE on the sidelines, cheered so hard for the other team.

It honestly brought tears to my eyes... THIS is really what it's all about.  Kids having fun and being supported.

Deacon had a great game... he kicked the ball a number of times and actually got in there and stole the ball from someone!  He's improving SO much and I am so proud of him.  I love watching the look on his face when he gets to kick the ball-- he's so happy and proud of himself.  He has such confidence.  And after he kicks the ball he always looks up to find me-- someday he'll learn that instead of doing that, he should follow through and keep chasing the ball-- but until that day comes, I'm going to enjoy that beautiful face looking for his mommy in the crowd... because I know all too soon he won't be doing that anymore.  

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Martha said...

All too soon, He will not look for you in a crowd!!! -- great story -- great pictures! Thanks ......