Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The poster child for h1n1

Though we can't be entirely sure, we're treating Zachary as if he has h1n1.  On Sunday morning he started with the high fever and by that evening he had a cough and sniffles too.  I'll be honest- I have been entirely disappointed with the health professionals involved with our situation... I usually LOVE his pediatrician, but when we called them on Monday they were, of course, booked solid.  So we went to Urgent Care- which is normally an excellent choice.  They did an ear infection and strep throat test- ruled both of those out immediately.  They did the flu test- which came back negative... so she said that he doesn't have the flu.  Ummm... last I checked that stupid flu test wasn't exactly the most accurate test around.  Anyways, they said they would contact his pedi to see how they would like to have him treated.  Long story short, we didn't hear back from anyone until 8:30 p.m. Monday night.  Thank God his case isn't too severe... though I guess if it were, we would have been a lot more persistent.  Anyway, his pediatrician seemed to think he probably has a mild case of the flu... seeing as though it seems that every child in the Sacramento area has been exposed to it in some way or another.

He's been such a trooper... despite the high fever and seemingly uncomfortable nasal issues, he's been in relatively good spirits.  Damien wins father of the year award for his efforts-- on Sunday night Damien spent almost the entire night holding Zac in the rocking chair so I could sleep.  On Monday I wasn't able to take off work, so Damien spent the entire morning running around Sac trying to get Zac seen by a doctor and then spent the rest of the day chilling at home.  And then last night Damien spent the majority of the night in Zac's room again.  Today both of us stayed home- though Damien spent the day working from home, it was nice to have him here to help me out.

Our friends' little girl, Ellie, was given the h1n1 diagnosis yesterday too... though hers, unfortunately, seems a lot more severe than Zachary's.  Ellie was at the Thanksgiving party and I'm hoping that between her and Zachary, Deacon will hurry up and just get it and get it over with!  It sounds horrible to wish the flu on him, but I figure he's got a very likely chance of getting at some point this season- I would rather just do it now!


Martha said...

OMG -- they are just beautiful!!!!

Unknown said...

The kids are gorgeous!

Tucker supposedly had the flu this past weekend too, but he had a reaction to the Tamiflu and has been off of it after only 3 doses and is fine. Makes me wonder if he didn't have something else.