Saturday, November 28, 2009

The day after Thanksgiving

Deacon & Sam

Zac Zac w/Aunt Christy

Cousin Matt putting my child in danger :)

awww, all the cousins minus Amanda & Lindsay (who were on the way... we had to do this quick before Zac napped)

The whole clan... even Sadie :)

Me w/my sisters and brother :)

Sarah & Emma

Caroline in a tree... and if you look closely, you'll see Deacon too-- can't leave Caroline's side for too long!

Bryan about to get into trouble for being too careless w/Deacon ;-)

Goofy grins from the baby... up wayyyy past his bedtime

Deacon, Caroline & Ben

Had a great day after Thanksgiving with family... too bad my favorite day of the year (Black Friday) was ruined for a number of reasons... a.) there are two stores in Sweetwater, TX... Wal Mart & K Mart- neither of which had sales that interested me.  b.) we have NO room in our luggage to carry anything back with us.  I was seriously so bummed about black friday.  I couldn't even find a good deal online since the kohls website crashed on me.  Good thing my fun family made it better... it's much more fun to play games and eat good food than it is to go BF shopping... right??????? ;-)


Martha said...

Jo Ann Fabric was crazy on Black Friday -- they opened at 6 -- and there was a line out front! Yes -- Jo Ann Fabric -- seriously???!?!?!
Great pictures -- thanks!

Samantha said...

I'll assure you, you didn't miss much. ;)