Sunday, November 8, 2009

Annual JBF Thanksgiving

Tonight we had our 5th annual Thanksgiving get-together... and it couldn't have been more fun.  ALL of the moms were able to make it tonight - which was amazing.  I'm so thankful for each and every one of you- Jennifer, Kim, Dawn, Lisa, Theresa, Joline & Karla.  Thank you for being our California family... I love you guys.
(For a trip down memory lane... check out 2008 & 2007)

Unfortunately Zachary wasn't able to join us this year- he woke up this morning kind of crabby and by early afternoon he had a fever.  Poor baby.  Thank goodness we have an amazing babysitter- Christina- who came over and watched him.  Makes for an expensive evening... but oh well, he was, I'm sure, much happier staying home.

Deacon and I went to Dawn's early this morning... Deacon went over to play with Aiden and I went to help with cooking and keeping the boys entertained.  We had such a fun little morning, which did NOT include a nap... so by the time the party was over at 7 p.m. Deacon was BEAT!

Since my baby wasn't able to make it, I had to get a few adorable shots of the other cutest baby :)

hmmm, who put a dinosaur on the table?

That's who!

So I decided we needed to get a picture of all the girls... but I knew this would take a good amount of work since we had more kids than adults- and some of the dads weren't there.  So after carefully deciding which dad I trusted most to take the picture, I then figured out which dad I trusted most to watch the smallest kids locked upstairs in the playroom... I chose Chris.  This was a tough job because many (ok, almost all) of the children locked in the playroom during picture time were screaming and being held back against their will as they watched mom walk away.  But when we came back from getting our picture taken there were absolutely no tears... but quite a few kids hanging very close to the gate while Chris attacked them with a hand puppet.

Best friends... and Cory - LOL

Let's try this again...

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