Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zac's first time swinging... and the realization that I take too many pictures.

Just a side note- I cannot stand the feeling I get while swinging... and Deacon wanted to have a contest - who can swing higher.  I thought I was going to throw up... but I wanted a picture because it was one of the first times I've been able to actually fit into a swing since I've had kids.  Before my surgery I couldn't fit into the swing... so I was just so excited- but sick at the same time, LOL.


*Kelly* said...

please do not tell me that your husband is wearing high old man white socks with shorts...I didn't know he was retired and down in Fl. :-P I suppose it could be worse and he could be wearing sandals as well :-P

Anonymous said...

What this does not look like Mr. Grumpalump! What darling pictures.

Unknown said...

I totally thought that Damien was pushing Zac in that first picture and I thought OMG that is not good. :-P But I was so glad to see that it was Deacon. :-)